Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Another way to end 2013

The way to end the year. Confessions and correcting them.

It may seem a little weird and confusing but yes. I do want to know how you really thought of me from the start till now. I may not know you for a very long time, or rather you just know me. Or how you may know me randomly through someone else’s mouth.

I honestly felt better when I know what people truly thought about me. I felt really good. It may seem a little sick but, yes.

Why bring misunderstandings and upsets over to a brand new year. 

Although it sounds really weird writing this post and you reading this.
I didn’t know I was such a person in your eyes. Who am I in your eyes. Just another bitch, a friend, a person whom I can never be friends with.

I don’t claim to be acting cool or just want attention. Although I enjoy positive attention. My attitude is just like this, or rather a icy feeling? In the good way, or just another fake person. I don’t even know how all those rumors come about in the school and out there to other people.

I admit I am pretty hard to get along at first but if you are nice to me, I cannot find a reason to dislike you. I am a pretty cheerful person in general if you kind of or sort of know me. Am i?

I tried to smile more and I tried to be myself more. Because the way I portray myself is as if I am such an arrogant person and I am just so “high” up where no one can reach me, because I “didn’t want” to be part of the fun club.

I am not a perfect person, I do talk behind people’s back, I do do what other normal teenager does. I want to talk to many people, I want to have a wide circle of friends where I can confide myself into.

Although I always look like I am alone. I really detest being alone. People do not notice because its just my face where I look like this and I do not like to portray a face where I am so desperate that I need someone to always be there.
I am sorry if I ever did anything to hurt you. I am sorry. I know this sorry can’t make you feel any better because what hurt you already hurt you. So, its up to you to see me in a different light.

Read my blog again in 2014 ^^


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2014 Resolutions

Hello guys. It will be 2014 in just a few hours and I am so excited for it to come because my year didn’t end with the most perfect ending and I honestly cannot wait for the New Year to start.

I always vow to be extra nicer to my friends, extra caring, extra generous, extra friendly. Just be nice to everybody out there who does care about me. Like even the least I appreciate it a lot.

I always wanted to change my impression of myself to others, like because I have this face, THIS FACE, people are not willing to come close to me. In which I look like a person who is hard to get along which made me felt really sad because I believe that is not the way it should. I want more friends and more close people. Although one is enough and I am already very thankful for it.

I always have this New Year Resolution where I say I am going to save money. 2014, another year to try again, for a shopaholic like me, its really hard to resist the temptation of the word “SALE”. I am going to try and save and buy more stuffs for my loved ones instead of for myself.

Studying well, I always just hope to do this so I can get myself proud, my parents proud. It honestly its one of the hardest task I have ever seen myself putting into. Although this is a really common resolution but I honestly don’t usually say I am going to get good results. But this year will be a year I change, hopefully.

Blog more, as much as I do enjoy blogging, I honestly afraid I do not have the time to do so. Secondary 3 life will be hectic I believe, at least from what I see, it is pretty much hectic and I still want to continue writing blogs and recording down all the little things in my life and so when I re-read them, I am like just reading a diary of my life.

Like I mention before, I really wanted to lose some weight, I know I do not look fat at all but I am just really heavy. I think because my bones are really dense that is why, but yeah. I won’t try and diet. Don’t worry guys, I will exercise as much as possible and eat a healthy lifestyle. Because I honestly think, if you want to gain a healthier life style, exercising is the best. If you think you are really fat and all you do is just complain that you are fat, nobody can help you except yourself. Get up from that sofa and get your body working out.

I want to make a difference into someone’s life. I don’t know does this count as a resolution or not but I just thought that being able to make a positive difference into other person’s life will be really nice and exciting. Even it might be just a really small thing but maybe you had already saved someone’s life.

Go to an orphanage. I have always wanted to go again after I did once when I was young.  I just want to help others in need where they grew up in an environment where there is lack of parent’s love and care. This society has been really bad where people do not even care and do not give a damn to those people. I just want to help them even its just a slight difference. The moment when they ask you, “ when are you coming back again?” just made me feel that they are always lonely. And I dislike being lonely.

I want to get a new laptop. Not because my laptop sucks just because I find that having a new one will make a difference because I can then use one for studying and the other one for gaming so I won’t get disturbed if I am studying.

I need to stop buying shoes, it’s a problem. Honestly, I will try to make a shoe collection soon like really soon after all the shoes I ordered have arrived. 2 of the pairs have already arrived. Its cheap, fashionable and quality wise worth the price.

I guess that is about all for now? At least from what I think of.
Ohhh, and lastly, I want to stay happy all day long and I want to be the happiest girl.

I love you all out there.

Goodluck x

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Sunday, 29 December 2013

13 questions TAG ( part 1 )

Yeap guys, I am doing this. It is suppose to be a tag but I am just going to answers these questions because I thought it would be a little more fun for me~ so here I go~

1. What do you order at Starbucks?

Honestly, I do not really fancy coffee but if I was at Starbucks I would most likely order Caramel Frap for cold choice or a Vanilla Latte for a hot choice

2. What is one thing in your closet you can't live without?

I mean like, be serious. HOW CAN A GIRL ONLY OWN 1 CLOTHING CHOICE. But if I was to answer this question, I would say sweaters. Those thin sweaters. If it is hot, you can fold up the sleeves if its cooler, you can roll it down. In Singapore, they are always blasting that AC so, got to find a way for both.

3. What is one thing most people do not know about you?

I am quite a loud person so, this is really hard to answer..... mmmmm... maybe I am a hardcore gamer?  I seriously game a lot, I play D2, I play final fantasy, xbox, wii, arcade, shooting games. I guess a lot of people did not know that. Whenever I say I do play, they give me that " you are joking " face. BUT despite all of that, I dislike to play with school mates or anything, I don't even play with my boyfriend.

4. What is one thing you want to do before you die?

It would be shop off all my assets and left $0 in the bank.

I am so scary

5.  What is one food I cannot live without?

It will be fruits, more specific, it will be banana. But if fruit doesn't count, it will be Italian food.

6. What is one quote you live your life by?

I don't really have one.. I just do whatever I feel like doing. wait, does that count?

7. What is the number 1 song in my phone?

Proud by DB5K. It has this really deep meaning  for the fans and I am, I truly was a fan back then, their seperation was the worse decision the company can make. It hurts a lot of fans and make us feel like crap.

DONE. didn't want to answer the rest of the questions... maybe part 2 ?

okay! the next day, I promise I will blog another post, hope you guys find it interesting ^^

Goodluck x

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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

some future thoughts

Actually, I do think about my future.

How it would be like, how am I going to be.

I don't know how my life is going to be.

People say I am going to be someone but I have honestly no idea about it.
I don't want to be someone that is very big, I just want to lead an ordinary life and just be happy and grateful about the little things I have in life.

I used to think I want to be a lawyer, a doctor, an actress. But who doesn't want to be too? All the other kids also have similar dreams and I do not think that everyone can achieve what they want, whenever.

It is actually hard to be who you really want to be with all those expectations out there nowadays. Oh, you do not have a car, you must be a fag. Oh, you do not own a house, how can you get a girl/boy. Oh, you are not rich, you are just another slip stone.

Everyone want to have a position in where others can see what they got. Because it is just human to have thoughts like this. I mean like, who does not want to be featured in the big screen?

Everyone only knows how nice and glamorous it looked when you see it. What about the people that works really hard behind the screen? They deserve recognition as well. Without them, those people won't even be there.
Everyone plays a part to make this world work.

People change, people are selfish towards themselves. In other words, humans are just self- centred animals that has no shame and no fear to get what they really desire. We are all working towards a goal to make ourselves happy.

A new car, a house, a new smart phone or whatever. It is just a thing we have in our live to make us "happy" for a moment.

This world is really fast-paced. If you do not catch up with the person in front of you. You are going to lose-out. In this world, everyone is constantly living in the war where everyone is guard up with special armors and shiny swords and maybe katana ?

10 years from now, all I can see for myself is just, studying, partying all those lame stuffs.

I don't have much dream. or maybe a free-lance makeup artist?
I am pretty into cosmetics like if I do have free time, I will definitely do some research on it. Cosmetics are like chemistry that requires a lot of time and effort. I guess, that is my dream for now? It might or might not change along the years but I do not really know.

for my 5 wishes and hopes for 2014

1. exercise like a mad person

2. no more losing people

3. regardless of anything, I still get my allowance hehe

4. save money

5. shop shop shop shop~

goodluck x

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Monday, 23 December 2013

Love in the ice

Your small, cold hands and trembling lips
Able to carry on as if nothing has happened
Are you afraid of remembering someone?
Struggling to swallow the words bubbling up to your lips
Your back view resembles falling white snow
Melting bit by bit
Just like the star that doesn’t leave the dark night sky
We’ll carry this dream forever together with love and trust
If I were that person
Once again
I’d hug your hardened heart tightly in my arms forever
Against the wall of reality
Even the coldest of hearts
At the end of the flowing tears
The fuzzy stream of light
Shines brightly in the darkness
Passing through that time
Able to feel each other’s body heat
In the heart that stops breathing
Everyone has scars and heavy sighs
I’m trying to find that space in time when I can draw you into my arms
I can’t believe how just whispering to you make me so nervous
Till we can be together in my world
Alone in the end of time, my heart
Don’t be afraid because you were left alone
Till the end of time I’ll let you know my love
I’ll protect you, you know
Because I love you, I’ll let you know my love

 baby, if you are reading this. I am broken. ily.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Winter Solstice


" winter" so, a dark lip will change everything~

It also means " the arrival of the winter". It is one of the most important festivals celebrated by Chinese and other asians during dongzhi, usually on December 22.

The origins of the festivals is traced back to the Yin and Yang philosophy of balance and harmony back in the days.

In tradition, the winter solstice is a time where family get together and eat tangyuan ( balls of glutinuous rice flour and some are coloured ). It is cooked in a sweet soup or savoury broth and served in a bowl.

This festival is also an reminder to all that we are a year older and we should behave better in the coming year.

Well, my family kind of messed it up a little by forgetting and remembering last minute the night before. But it was alright because, when I woke up, there is already a pot of Tang Yuan sitting there waiting for me to put them inside my mouth.

We ate family lunch together instead of dinner. We ate Indian food at bukit timah road, called the Curry house. Or at least that is what I remember. Took a few snaps of the food~

Well, thats all for this post! and my 5 wishes/resolutions for 2014~

1. I hope I can change my messy habit of just throwing my things around

2. More shopping

3.  Love

4. Stay strong with my boy

5. More memories

good luck x

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I am finally back home, so exhausted  and grouchy. Like a kitten that can't reach the knitting strings.

But I still decided I should make a blog, because of school reopening. I want to share my feelings and thoughts about next year and just some commonly asked questions okay!

For me, every year just gets better and better. So, of course, I would think that 2014 is going to be a very good year as well.

Being positive about something actually tricks the mind that it is really a good thing, like how if you think that you are not hungry and you are going to be not....... JUST KIDDING.

I mean like, if I am hungry, I am. But, if faking a smile, it will make your mind think that you are actually happy and you will get happy eventually so, just keep on smiling.

Staying positive can be quite a task, I mean like even for a cray cray person like me. I AM HUMAN OK, all humans and animals have feelings and we all need something to release all of those inside of us.

Negativity, is like one of the biggest problems. When you face negativity in the wrong way, confidence, happiness or even basic humanity can be taken away.

Many people think that they are useless because they failed once, or twice. Why not the third time? Where is the 50th time?

Keep that in mind, there is not only one way out. If this method is wrong, try another. Don't stop trying.

There are actually people e-mailing me, I am thankful and yet surprised. You guys actually ask me how I do my face and hair or anything like this. And, actually, I don't do anything to it... or maybe skin care routine?

Back to 2014, I have many wishes and resolution and I am going to list 5, for every blog I make, until the end of 2013.

1. Peace in the house

2. Happiness will revolve around the people I am with and not

3. Hope next year will be a crazy and busy year

4. Eat healthy

5. Spread love

In case you wonder, I like busy years. Like this year, it was really busy and time flies really fast because we are all having fun, making memories for one another.

I really wonder If I really did play a part in anyone's life.

I cannot stop eating junk food. Honestly, I tried so hard. But I gave up in the end because I LOVE FOOD. I LOVE PIZZA. I LOVE SUSHI. ok, I will be listing the whole world's food. And it might take like 10000 paragraphs...

I went shopping, of course. I will never ever stop shopping. I don't think I will stop anytime soon, so if you are going to try and stop me from buying. I think I would ask you to save your saliva and just go back to sleep. Because life is meaningless without spending money.

If you are my best friend, girl, you are a shopaholic too. Don't try and deny because it's not fun being unhealthy alone.

And I got a ootd to share! look down!

It was the first time I tried this kind of style, but it worked out pretty good and I kind of liked it a lot, except for the part where the pants is so loose, until it falling down if I did not use the belt.

I got the top from Bangkok, Pants from H&M, my bag is CR bag, necklace from new look, belt came with a dress I bought at jurong point and I just wore some creepers.

That is why I said, I am totally that girl who tries out like 3-4 fashion risks at a time. Because I think that going to town is like the best chance to try out new combinations and styles.

Next, today we went to Bugis, or China town to huan shen. Some Buddhist stuff and we ate Japanese food. pretty good~

GUESS WHAT.................. ITS THE VIXX VOODOO ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cannot express my happiness and literally explore the whole album!!!!! SO HOT.

And sad thing is, I still could not get over DS5K, although they have disbanded for like 5 years. Whenever I look at their concert at 2008, just make me cry like a mad woman. They are the first kpop band I was introduced and I loved them so much. I still do. I prefer them all 5, and not separated into 2 different groups.

( when this 2 song play... I cried the worse so do check them out if you want to. )

I love all of you, I am sorry for this abrupt ending, but I have no idea how to end this, so good bye guys.

Good luck

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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Fashion Risks

This is a topic I am honestly and earnestly EXCITED ABOUT.

Nowadays what I see is, very less people actually take fashion as a very big thing. People just chuck in anything and just leave the house.

But there is occasions where we actually look and dare to wear what we want to wear, and not afraid of the eyes of others, Halloween ?

Everyone bring out that set of clothing that they never worn for the past 12 months. But WHY?

Have you ever found a dress or a very loud shirt you haven't worn in a very long time and it only appear when you are packing your cupboard?

Whether it is a dress, or maybe a shirt, or it may just be a jacket. Why aren't we you wearing them?

Is it because it has a very weird print on it?

Or it's something you won't before but people commented it wasn't nice and you decide to ditch it?

Or is it because you see everyone out there is not wearing anything like this?

Or you are just scared of human's dirty little thoughts?

I use to see like really pretty seniors and seeing them wearing so pretty clothes. I wanted to be ^EXACTLY like them.

Same hair, same face, same clothes, same shoes.

How I grew out of being envious of people and start being all " my style " I really don't know.

Maybe it's just me that I woke up and decided I didn't want to be someone else anymore. I want to be what I am.

I want to wear what I want to.


Start softly and rock your style to everywhere.

I truely respect people who don't give a fuck to anybody and would honestly wear whatever they feel like wearing.

Lets just take some examples that you will know, Lady gaga, Or Nicki Minaj I would say they are the extreme examples.

But If I say, people like Naomi Neo, Jenn Im, they rock their unique styles. Wherever they go. In case you wonder, Naomi is a Singapore blogger and Jenn is Fashion guru at youtube and she does blog as well.

 I will leave their links down below so you guys can check it out~

I am a crazy person when it comes to fashion risks.

I will take multiple fashion risk at a time. I am that cray cray. I don't have a style, I wear whatever I feel like that day.

Either people think I am weird or I am crazy or some people just thought I ran out a mental hospital.

But I dont mind, because I am wearing something, I feel like it's nice.

And what you think, is what matters.

goodluck x

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Monday, 16 December 2013

Busy month

HEY GUYS!!! .... or girls... or women... or man....

sorry for looking like i am drunk but i am super tired 

sorry for like, such a damn late time and I am now than doing this. Whatever I say will be an excuse so, let's move on.

I am honestly so tired for this 2 weeks, haven't been sleeping well. Attend weddings like cray cray until I could actually feel my face rotting because of the makeup of long hours.

Can't believe December is really coming to an end, which means, holidays are coming to an end soon. I am half excited. Just a mixed feeling.. yknow.

Just 2 days ago, I attended a wedding of my aunt! She was really gorgeous that night. It was at Swiss Hotel, the price is CRAZYYYYY, I cannot express how expensive and class that place is although I have been there for like high tea or lunch.

mainstream wedding menu

sprite because their wine suck balls


Relatives are all commenting on my makeup which made me feel really small, but it was all compliments. But I kind of sense another meaning to it, but WHO CARES. I think, the only person that can let yourself be affected is you ( although I am always affected ) . I think I looked pretty, which made it fine. ^^

OF COURSE how can I NOT, take selfies like crazy? 

sissy and mom



 here you go. In case you wonder why did my chio become so chio, of course, she is under my magical fingers.


Yesterday, I went to test the bridesmaid dress, AGAIN, yes, because they changed the measurement for me and it fit great now. It is a really cute dress, do I look cute? hehe! ok, eff myself.

AND... I am wanting to buy myself a pair of shoes to suit the bridesmaid dress, but I do not know how high I should buy, how dazzling it should be, or how I should rock my shoes. I really like those rough type of shoes, but how am I going to suit it with a such girly outfit ?

previously in the week, I went out with my dearest girl again~ pictures! I really like time being with her, she will never be my second choice, honestly. 

Don't ask me stupid question like " if Sherrie and Alexi fell off the damn sea, who would I save first in terms where they both do not know how to swim " Because, you little brat.

I dislike to choose between people.

Because all those that lived in my world now, are all people I don't wish to lose.

BTW guys... I have been obsessively drinking ribena. Like crazy, is that bad? most likely is. But I still do not have the thought of stopping. So nice!
that's about it.... love ya'll~

goodluck x

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