Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Sick Girl has inspiration

time passes people really quick. like how for 2013 is already more than half gone. sometimes i reflect and thought of what i have done for the pass 7 months. practically nothing properly done. Studies still not better yet although i already have the realization that CA2 is coming and its percentage is high. I have already done badly for my Mid year examinations and if i seriously dont get a good results within this few months, all the time and effort i actually really did put inside, will vanish into thin air like immediately. and how can I make myself study? its so hard, i couldnt. YEAH, its all those negative thoughts that would actually kill you . why think that something is impossible when you never even try? tried? did you tried your very very VERY best? nopes, everyone will do better each time. ts just like learning an instrument, it takes time, patience and passion to succeed. talking about this, [SHOUTOUT to Glen] : " Despite Mr Low say you aint getting anywhere playing the suona, please show him you can actually do it, your instructor has faith in you and you should make her proud, make me proud. Best of luck okay ^^ ". Many things could actually work out if you really put your heart and soul in doing the thing you are suppose to do. show some passion and love for it. I hate Mathematics, but i gotta learn it anyways, so why hate it even though you have  face it even when like, i graduate from Secondary School, i need it in Poly/JC, Uni. im just like now, den i realised there is no point hating on subjects. you cant do well? WORK HARDER. ull eventually get there, i promise.  there obviously gotta be changes in your life, if not how are you gonna do it? play lesser phone when youre studying? at least put it away so you can get your concentration. bleh people. its hard. but it only takes 20days to pick up a new habit yknow! goodluck poeple!
 here comes. im sick today thats why i have time for this ~ haha! i got 2 days of MC so.... hahaha~ i am like so sian here at home. 

so let me tell you what happen on Sunday~ Me, Alexi, SongYi ( my brother's gf ) went to watch my brother performing his violin. the opera was boring i guess. it was until like 10.30 and my brother is like the MY PACE guy. walking up slowly. == mke me seriously wanna kick him or sth like this. so whatever. it was the first time i spend so much time util so ltate together with Alexi. im happy ^^ tmr is our 7th month tgr. YAYYYYYY hehehe~ 

My bros gf~ 

Friday, 26 July 2013

Birthday Girl

Summary of my little 14th birthday.
surprises, love, care, mixed emotions. it kicked off from a gift from Sherrie, which gave me great curiosity, the present was a total mind reader. hahaha, she got me what i really wanted. ^^ thats why she is my besfriend <3 always love you . MUAHHHHH <3

Had oreo icecream cake, my aunt and cousins came over to celebrate together, my aunt bought me a cute dress and bracelet and a lensbox, hellokitty damn cute ~~~!

Alexi,... was the sweetest guy on earth i guess, shop for me a dress and a wallet. how witty can a guy be buying female items. im very touched, from the deepest on my heart. we went out at the 26th to celebrate my belated birthday ! it was one of the best birthday i can think. shopped, ate, did what a normal couple would actually did. he was kinda nervous i guess, keep asking me if i want this, or want that. heheheh, how cute? i wore the dress he gave me, its so flowy and cute. although i usually look suckish in polka dots, but, the one he bought for me is just like so.... amazingly fits. idk how to say, but really fits. guess he had some cute fashion sense, or is this how he liked his girl to be dressed all the time. i guess so, so hehehe, i will , be more elegant and gentle. i always look weird with girly and cute items. ill try okay honey. ^^ thanks alot for the chocolate and kitkat and wallet and of course the pretty dress. im so... satisfied. lol, [easy contented] . do look forward to your birthday, hope i can have the time to pei you and do some events. iloveyou. <3'

QOTD  :" believe you can, believe you are halfway there. "

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

after 2 weeks~

hi guys! ok now you must be thinking how de heck i even blog on a tuesday when i have freaking CCA. nope, i didnt skip. there is national Os going on in the school so, we must clear de school so they can focus on their exams ^^ goodluck to all my seniors mann <3
so, todays blog wont be a very long one. hha! yes... i have been working out again and again and again yoooo. blogilates Abs on fire is seriously crazy , my abs are tight and i feel damn good. cardio workout is goooooooood too!!!
Here is my face after a workout........
last saturday was actual speech day yo . was kinda litttttle nervous, seriously actually not nervous at all la k. it was like... mehmehmeh coz lin lao wan me play liuqin maaaa. after the Performance everyone is like... YAY HOME BITCHES, BUT there is dunno whatever filming yo. then everyone.. sigh~ hahah! it was overall quite funnn~ met GlenKangKang in the morning to go school tgrrr~ ^^ its like so quite awesome laaa! but i was hungry all the way home. so.... T^T

somebody, its Alexi! how great ~ whole good 7mths tgr~ finally got a plan for an event, i wonder if we had the same idea. if we do.... im gonna kill my brain cells to think again~ love you baby. forever spoiling you.
i was actually modelling for a highwaist jeans by someone, i cannot say! but here's the picture i chose. nice? curves shown? ^^
so, to kinda celebrate my birthday, we ate together with my aunt~ ^^  the food isnt really nice though, but i do appreciate all the effort of the chefs and blah blah. SEEEEE. hheehe. feeling hungry ?
recently, quite into makeup and im like.. really into makeup and fashion, guess thats too all my growing teenage girls~ its like a fantasy, a huge cupboard you wanna walk into, shiny heels, beautiful dresses. yeah. hehe

"Burn the candles, Use the nicest sheets, Wear the fancy lingerie. Don't save it for a special day. Today is special." <3

until again~

Friday, 19 July 2013

losing people

Hey guys. i decided i should seriously blog about today's happenings and incident. i dont think i will ever forget about it , its definitely etched in my heart. HARD. im on my way learning about whats hidden in the small holes in my life. some holes might have worm or what? toxic spiders maybe? yeah. so let me share what happen in the morning first yo~
I was like... as usually the refusal to wake. but I've gotten an excuse, i couldnt sleep... i was like.. i slept very quickly. and woke at fucking 2am and couldnt sleep back. its like.. tossing and turning and toss and turn again. but yeah. managed to sleep back around 4+? so.. im pretty grumpy , was having crazy crazy mood swings due to not sleeping well recently! lol, evidence is sherrie lol. everyday see me xiao and getting angry ad pissed and unwell. hahahaha. actually this week really passed quickly. its already friday, its FRIDAY YAY. im like chiong out of school for the sake of chionging~
its afterschool and yes you can guess, i went to find alexi. but what happened there was the most heart breaking shit ever. it was fine and turn into a teary situation. never had a guy who cried so much infront of me before. bet im the girl who saw him cry so much after he is sensible i guess. i wont get to detail as it may get alittle personal. but, yeah I finally learnt, how fucking much i actually love him. as much as i love myself, way more than that i guess. i can breakdown into pieces if he aint there anymore. he taught me how to love, how to care. many things cant be judged like how it is. i am strong, but not mentally. im really weak mentally, i get upset over little things. happy over just because i someone smiled at me that day. cry over seeing a begger on the streets in bangkok. thats me. how silly? yes i am. i am appreicating every single one that walked in and out of my life, how many lessons learnt everytime there is an incident causing us to break apart. relations are really fragile.. treausre it... it will break easily. and some people, are seriously NOT WORTH LOSING, some people should do some reflection on how they treat people around them. seriously.

its just a short one. nexttime <3

Monday, 15 July 2013

Photo spam ^^

pardon me for not blogging. i got a reason why. i actually wrote a blog, but accidentally deleted the whole thing which is like.... SCREW YOU COMPUTER. ok, this com sucks. so let me re-write todayy~
on Saturday, wgsco had speech day rehearsal which all performing  arts will be there to rehearsal. luckily, if not ill be like a loner going to school and shit, because Sherrie can pei me srsly....... :D its like smileeeeee. she is one dang retarded girl playing games haha XD cute.
suddenly got inspiration to write about 2 girls. which changed my secondary school life really.i became stronger and stable when they messed up my life. my tears and everything aint worth that. its worth of a bigger thing. never want to have them ever tho. be it happy, i also dw to cry. anyways, just wanna say thank you to you and wish you the best of luck, dont think we will ever be as close as before ever and i wont let it happen, but we were, once inseperatable. i am insecure, that is why i build up walls to hide and make myself look stronger on the outside but i guess it was the most stupid idea . but... im still doing it. no one ever cross that line. NO ONE EVER. who will be the first? im sorry to whoever read this and realise i am not fully opened yet. some are close, but because of personal fears i never give my all. i bet many faced this problem. if Alexi you are reading this, im sorry okay? ill try my best ^--^ believe me. okay, back to the 2 girls, they gave me internal strength ill never get if this shits never happen at all. like many other things, they gave me strength to walk on. like... WOOOOOSH. hahah . i have Sherrie. lets just pray and hope she will never leave me like the others.
as much as i love to dance, and have the passion to do it. dont think will have a second chance to it. unless a magic spell is casted to everyone in the world. recently doing yoga n stretches, the after effect. hope this highly encourage you to exerciseeeeeee.
did i ever blog about my hair cut??? feel weird having my short fringe again yknow. but its like so cute lol. k celine k. Alexi with bangs is the most daebak shit ever. hahaha. made my day so well. im like spazzing and everything :P


and photos... and photos..............

jiaobin face of him i love <3


photo credit to my couzzie who happen to shoot this 
long time no model style haha