Sunday, 25 August 2013

Lost girl with rants

pardon me for not blogging. hooked up with games and studies and life. not a good excuse i know! but understand me ok my darlings ! i know you will.
time really gone by really slowly this month of August, maybe because i didnt see him for like very long and very less. kind of feel lost without his presence. how important is he? idk honestly. August is definitely not a good month, fucked up with exams, relation problems, bullshit people say, nasty things, will maybe it taught me to be numb to shits that happened around me. i cant really keep up with school work, although i was like really studying hard and everything. the pace is just so freaking fast yknow. i wished it was slower, so i can keep it up. im no fast pace girl, i do enjoy fast pace life and technology advancement. but, whats the point if my mind and body cant cope with it. hope Sept will be so much better.
tuition is pretty much working slightly for me now. although sometimes i still do not get it, but  well, at least i clear my doubts. and srsly. im totally zoning out at most of the classes, esp Math. its so boring, mr yip's voice echoed down my spine and came out. his class is barely useful to me. rather i replace all his lessons with mr rahim. i know its pretty mean to say that, but who cares, ITS THE BLOODY TRUTH. i dont even have to lie about it yo.
sometimes, at night, i would wake up and start thinking of what will happen if i werent born in a city, what if i was born in a countryside? what will it be to be starting a life style of horses and farms and trees? no videogames, computer, handphones. i get emotional and i would cry srsly. i will think, should i give a call to Alexi? but all questions will be like, is he asleep... will he answer.. does he think im annoying.. blah blahh. im pretty annoying i guess. im no quiet and peaceful and gentle girl bitches. i dont get how some girls can actually do that, innocently. hmm, thats so not me at all right. im loud, i have arrogance when you first get to know me i dont deny, but it goes away as time let me get to you.
saying about arrogance, how about this, flirt. i feel numb when people call me that already, is that good or bad? i seriously dont care. i do agree that going with guys are much less drama, but WTF??? it creates more drama between the bitches. how cute? Listen bitches if you are reading this, I HAVE A FUCKING BOYFRIEND, we are loving and cute. well, its okay to JUST be friends with guys, are you jealous or sth? bitching is just like plain normal to me, its fine to me. just dont say that this girl always go out with guys and call her flirt, i get alittle...... cranky. yknow.... cranky .
FINE WITH ALL THIS BULLCRAP . hey im getting the joy of blogging hahahahah! ~ today i went out with my family, yknow Sunday is a family day, SongYi joined us for lunch, which really made me think when can Alexi join too. hmm. wondering and dreaming.

kind of like a shopping spree sia. bought many things. bought a new foundation, hope its nice to use,  its priceyyyy!!!!
and my makeup cupboard is so.... messy. fine. here are my ootd and photos <3

few pictures i took with my sis !! 

Friday, 16 August 2013

quick update

Love ain’t forever, I don’t believe in it.
I don’t believe in love at first sight neither.
Neither I believe about fate.
Nothing much to the week, yeah, examinations and studies are always making life awkward and unlikely to be the way you wanted it to be. Kind of enjoying the stress examinations are giving me recently.
I realized I cannot stop eating when I study. How ah, fat already lahh!!!!!

Bleh x. I go off le la . baibai <3
passion never dies 

my energy for exams and school. 
being a starlight to them.. feels awesome <3 

Thursday, 1 August 2013


hello august~
ill be doing the 30 facts about me yo! i seriously dk whether i can pass this ornot. >< hehehehe. lets start!
FACT #1 : IM a Leo
idk why, i kinda liked the fact that i am a leo. meh, im always loving these fluffy little creatures. okay, maybe not little, but i will definitely want to keep one of them as a pet but its a total illegal thing here in singapore and worldwide i believe.
I  have this passion for dance all along, have been dancing for years from now. despite being stopped by many factors, nah, couldnt give it up at all. i love it, any one that trys to stop me from doing it, u shall be shot through the head. OM WHY SO VIOLENT. lol, but it depends on who you are obviously. if youre important to me. i will obviously consider.
FACT #3 : Ice-cream monster
yes, i love ice-cream to the infinity and beyond. it has became a routine of my life that its actually a need. but recently because i wanted to shed some pounds, i reduce intake and exercise more. but yeah, ice-cream always give me that extra energy boost to survive all the way through another 24 hours.
FACT #4: I hate changing the bed sheets
i believe im not the only one. the whole room get so dusty and crappy. bleh, hate it hate it~ so irritating~
FACT #5 : I love jumping into fresh sheets
i guess thats what i gain after. so clean and comfy, make you think that youre gonna have a goodnight sleep, dont cha?
FACT #6 : I get sick easily
my immune system aint that bad last time, but nowadays, especially this year. keep getting sick here and there. almost having a hard time catching up with homeworks and loads of crap in school. but luckily sherrie is always like healthy and glowing, always teaching me things i missed out.
FACT #7: i have a bestfriend named Sherrie Lim
she is really awesome i guess. because im someone who actually talks alot, she listens to my crap usually. but she sometimes tell me things too. isnt that so cute. lol she used to be so into only herself, she doesnt share her emotions well, thats why im constantly worrying boys out there might hurt her and she keeps quiet. but i love her still.
FACT #8 : i love shopping
i guess im just another typical girl who does like shopping.
i cant wait to go there again seriously. i will buy the whole shopping mall. ill go with sherrie, yes i will. we both will just go crazy at the sight of everything i guess. cheap cheap and still bloody cheap .
FACT #10 : Im a clumsy girl
i can have like 10 bruise in one single day. lol, without knowing where they actually came from, how smart ya???????? hahahahah! genius me.
FACT #11 : recently into vixx
vixx is this new boy band from jelly fish entertainment, they are so freakin adorable like idk describe this.
FACT #12 : sheet mask
sheet masks are like my savior of crappy skin. its like, when you wake up in the morning and your face just looks like crap. sheet mask on, boom done. awesome. recent favourite brand is Naruko!
FACT #13 : im using a samsung S4
meh, its like so awesome. the screen is damn clear. reccomend~
FACT #14 :  i suck at mathematics
 I DONT KNOW HOW SOME PEOPLE CAN ACTUALLY SCORE FOR MATHS AT ALL. its so disgusting lol. the sight of it make me feel bored, seeing the teachers face is more worse................
any honey related things. LOVE LOVE LOVE. sweet taste and it detox your bloody body. whats better???????????
FACT #16 : i love roses
esp blue ones. idk how they actually make the rose blue in colour but, its so nice nay? i once received. I was totally loving it but it died obviously. hais.. why are beautiful things always fragile?
i used to be one. maybe still, but like 99% lesser den before. photo shoots are so fun~ getting sponsorships.
FACT #18 : i hate smokers.
why harm your body ? its not good for health. i dont get why poepl do it? it relieves stress? it makes you feel better of yourself for 1 second? try another way. workingout, eating, dancing, playing games. all relieves stress. i dont get it.
i love one piece . its like idk why. watching it since pretty long ago so, yeah, the eps are getting more and more exciting along the wayy.
FACT #20 : I  love fruits
okay, i like all fruits. ALL, that inculdes tomato. banana is the best, cures my cramps and cures my craving. BANANANANANANNANANANANANANANANA. <3
FACT #21 : despite being chubby on the face
i aint fat okay!!!! my body fat percentage is like only 13% . my waist is like... 23? idk.
I have big thighs, i cant shed it off no matter how much i workout, WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME
FACT #23 : siblings
i have crazy siblings. i have a elder sister <24 this year>, older brother <20 this year> yea, our age gap is pretty big. but its like quite comfortable with them around hehehe.
FACT #24 : i love all my shoes
isnt because i am a girl or sth??? but its like all my shoes are my babies ok.
FACT #25 : makeup
i love my makeup products, every single little one. i dont usually put alot, but enough. my skin needs to breath. i dont get why people just put one pile onto their face.
its incomplete ok, pls== angry
 MOST TALENTED  boy. i love die him ok.
FACT #28 : i wear contacts lens
i usually wear, maxilens since june. and some idk what brand from thailand. and bilicon. got alot. but the pair im wearing now is comfy , worth the price too.
FACT #29 : quiet girl
im quiet from the inside, noisy on the outside, but i dislike silence, but i enjoy silence. im complicated.
FACT #30 ( finally lolol) : i have a loving boyfriend.
his name is alexi, we have been together for 7 mths from now. hahaha~ last long long~ <3

this is a freaking long post. okay 1200 words post.

hope you know more bout me yo. love you all. see y'all soon~