Sunday, 29 September 2013

exam blues~

study hard my dearest and my closest seniors!
O level's are coming soon.
i promise next Sunday's blog post will be better than this okay! due to examinations haven been active on the blog. but after i will be back alright my sweethearts <3
just shortened updatesss~
my brother had his first book out from the Army and i think he is coping quite well inside there. just yesterday SongYi came over and we actually had a chat and talked quite alot. it actually opened my mind towards her. not bad not bad!

BREAKING NEWS. hahahah. Sherrie finally had her other half ^~^ she is happy with him i guess. honeymoon period... i missed you, but its better now. Alexi and I are working hard to get the best of ourselves too. YOU GUYS WANNA KNOW WHO HE IS??? [ sherrie's bf] hmm. for me to know, for you to find out, but a clue! jjang!! so sweet <3

SO, me and sherrie went shopping!!!!!!! crazy moments. love them. wish i have more money and time for that after examinations !!!!!!

Latest obsession : Lee Min Ho and my baby VIXX. <3
i mean, how can you not love them???????? hahaha, adorable, handsome, humor, visual, perfection. <3 AHAHAHAH fangirlling like alwayssss !!
Proud to be a STARLIGHT flying through VIXX's milky way.VIXX during Jelly Christmas Project,
Photossss???? yeah~

Sunday, 22 September 2013


EHY~ To my beautiful and handsome readers. guessed you guys have already know that what im going to touch on by reading the title. i would call it my opinion on this. If you have your own thoughts about it, sure, do share. So lets get started shall we?
mindly on revenge, what is it actually? its actually making a person suffer because he/she made you suffer. but why people do that? i guess because you have really low self esteem. We like to say things like "Forgive and Forget, will lead you to a happier and healthier life." but have you tried it all to just hold in all your anger and hate and mixed feelings? it kind of sucks, because we humans always need to let our emotions flow from time to time. its okay to cry once in awhile, its okay to throw a bad temper some of the days. but once its over, its over. time cant be reverted. for example if this person called you a ugly bitch, calling her ugly back ain't gonna make yourself any prettier. just like if a person killed someone you loved, even if you killed the murderer, they wont be alive again. its definitely important to let lose stress, sadness, anger once in awhile, but do not self harm. i dont know how many times i stressed on this. love yourself, why let your beautiful wrist and arm turn in to a pool of blood? dont it hurt? why hurt yourself when there are many people going to worry for you? what if next time you have children and they ask you what are those lines on your wrist? dont you think its a really bad example my dearest angels out there? Stay strong. it only bring pain and more sadness.
those are just my random thoughts recently as i strolled down my twitter. many teenagers like me are cutting, taking pills, trying to kill themselves. maybe you say ill never understand because i lead a comfortable life. AHHAHAHAH bullshit. i envy you, YEAH YOU. I was grown in a strict family which is pretty scary and upsetting. i do get upset, but i dont cut because. idk why? i just think of consequences. think carefully. life is pretty short. only afew 10years. spend it wisely with the right bunch of people. they will lead you to the path of the correct way in life, leading to success.
so wednesday we had a performance for the school partners . pictures GO~

Mr Ng With his adorable son and Mdm Tan all time fav teacher~

Section <3

SELCAAAAAAA. didnt go out much so not much yooo~  


Sunday, 15 September 2013

Bad Dayy

i know i know i know, my bad people. it has really been a week since i blogged. hmm, i guess it was quite a hectic week for me though its like a "HOLIDAY".  didnt blog coz i was like afraid that you guys may get bored reading it. coz my life aint no bed of roses ok! aint no wonderful things always. so... ok, all exuses.
WADSSAPPP my sunflowers and roses. so there it is. welcome to this new blog post. it feels kind of sick thinking that the next day is a schooling day huh ? I feel you.. every student... in singapore... ahaha!! Ns and Prelim 2 is just tomorrow so goodluck to all my seniors who never fails to brighten up my day, those that hate me, good luck to u still. :> comeon. its your last year in WGS and you're still gonna be like. i hate this person, i hate that person?? GET OVER IT. enjoy your last days here to the fullest. im kind of looking forward to leaving school heh. im that bad oh god. haha~
here come some rants of the week. omg i can sense a long post. if you cant take that ish. click x and leave. so, during these 7 day of holidays .I got 2 days of cca and cmc training. which took up the whole day but its okay, because it was indeed quite fun tho! but that does not make me love co more. i still kind of dislike co idk why. there were many inner topics and shits which is a secret i promised so... pardon me for not telling. keeping secrets is important yknow. trust issue, trust issue! so y'all know i dont have many friends and yes, i asked glen if he wanted to go to co tgr, but nope, there aint no reply until the next day when i saw him coming with joel. im on fire because of that incident. cant you just inform me in the morning? is it that fucking hard to do that? i dont understand. i dont sense a tiny little sense of apology from all the sorry texts. if you think im suckish and xiao qi. go ahead and leave me. because you dont know me at all. i dont need you. i dont have much friends, in which about 5? thats good enough for me. i know, no friends very terrible. it is very terrible. but do you understand how painful it is to be hurt by someone over and over and over again? it hurts.. my heart is bleeding. until alexi came and stop the flow. hahahah, thanks darling ~ AND the second rant> FOOD. my parents like to fight over and have arguments in public places just because of what to eat. what is the problem with you guys seriously, fighting over where to eat. choose alr got problem, never choose oso got problem, so i just shut up and there they come saying im rude. every single person are different. they came down to this world to finish a mission and go back up to recieve another. which is when you die la. why fight over such a small ish problem? i dont get it seriously ==
Aunty Kim and Uncle Wee came down from aus for a short stay in sg, so we met them and had such a great time tgr! Paris Bagurette is the BEST SHIT. 

Photo with Angelina <3

so, ytd! which is saturday! me alexi and my sis and my sis 2 friends went out together! quite pleasent trip. spent loads of time with alexi and creating memories that will never be erased. sometimes, i ask myself on how long we can last, i used to think that he will leave me and so on and so fore. but now, i guess i trust him. i trust him that he wont leave me and he will take good care of me. 9mths? pretty long to me. who knows when we will last until. i dont really care but, for now, the present, i love him. so if you are in a r/s, trust just builds up as time pass on. i took more den 8mths to do that. take your time, if he/she aint waiting? he/she aint worth all your love at all. love what you have now. forgiving and forget its the lead to happiness. YEAHHH, saying is easy, doing is hard. i am trying okay. ill try. i promise.
we were at the har paw villa 

this photo thing at MRT stationnnn



talk to you guys soon <3 
 One more thing. a super sweet bf who plucks away the skin for me because he knew i think its fattening and wont eat it. thank you <3