Tuesday, 29 October 2013


who says, that she is going to blog the next day and did not, and not even the next next day. okay me. Im sorry guys~ i was just busy these days, like seriously busy but you guys dont know about it okay. soon you all will know what im busy about recently ~

so im going to update you all about last weeeeeeeeeeeek of my life. so YES, my holidays have started, idk if i have ever mention it before but yes, my holidays have started and it has been a pretty lazy one up till like 4 days ago i decided i wanted to exercise, and burn off some of the fats i have hidden somewhere under my unicorn skin, like i said, HIDDEN. so, i have this weird addiction to do blogilates. really, i have no idea why, my body just crave to exercise and i have the time anyways so i just did it. it feels awesome, to be able to be confident about myself and not being body consicious wherever you are~ so i believe everyone is special and unique, so just accept whatever you are because at the end of the day, there is someone who is going to love you, right <:

yeaps, 5th nov is the day where i am going to FLY to BKK ! i promise all of you out there ( my readers ), i will do a haul. i previously wanted to do a haul post, but i was lazy hehe, like seriously! because i had too much loots to begin with. ohnono, youre gonna judge me, but if you are a girl, fuck you, dont tell me you dont shop and buy clothes that you like and have the uncontrollable feeling about getting every shyt and put it inside your wardrobe okay. be practical.

okay, so i have 3 weddings coming up in november and december. yes you didnt read wrongly, its 3 EFFING WEDDINGS, MY FACE WILL BE RUIN BY THE END OF THE 3RD ONE. okay. i thought that i could do a " wedding guest outfit ideas" . or just some town thing thing. let me know if you want to see them!  
so yeah! just yesterday! i went to watch insidious2 for the third time ok................ okays la, went with glen litong dongjie and sherrieeeee! okayokay the movie is not too bad la, just that i wont classify it as horror, it isnt too scary ~
seems like me and sherrie always have a fashion chemistry <3

glen >>


this week arent too much stuffs to cover because i really didnt go out and cant go out much if you guys know ~ so, next week i will do a luggage packing blog i guess i believe because i am going oversea! i think its the perfect chance to do it, ill be sharing some of my summer staplessss, because there is only summer in sg XD

and i said goodbye to sailormoon uniform, just like on 22oct! so, next year im no longer a sailormoon ^^ and let me just say afew words about my class, i would say it was quite a fun year 1, but year 2 i have seen people much clearer, and i believe they have seen me much clearer too. some pictures!!

adib<< syahmi ^

fernando << syahmi ^

lxx<< adilah > syahfiqah >>



dzullll >>

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goodluck x 


Saturday, 26 October 2013


is that you. 

hey guys, so today's post is just going to be my thoughts when the rain fell and hit the ground. its just 5 more days and it will be November. who knows time will pass so fast and it will not rewind again. hates < love . 2014 will be a new start for me and you, you all know it that there is no point bringing hate over to the next year. isnt 2013 enough of hate? or maybe you just like the feeling of hatin' on people or whatsoever, i just pretty much wish and hope that you, yeah you, will drop all of those hates and grudge towards people that treat you badly and always want to bring you down. You have got to stand on your own, although im not the right person to say this because i do lean on people, but i guess they are trustworthy enough for me to stay close to them.
dont ever let haters bring you down, because they aint your level, they are way lower than what you are. like i said before, you have to stand on your own, but not fighting back. trust me, you hate that the person you hate smiles. you will wish all type of tragic stuffs to happen to make them suffer. that is why there is a saying, ' smiling kills your enemy' . one day they will find out that making you feel miserable isnt going to bring you down, but instead, it will make them feel miserable themselves mm? tiring, isnt it?
sometimes you said you wished someone understands how you feel when they did something you didnt like. 2014, what about you going to understand people more first ? sometimes taking things lightly will just make everything feels better, when youre taking things too hard, the person that will get hurt.. its just you. its not worth.
i asked myself, what if oneday someone very important leaves me, what will happen? my world will just come crashing above of me and leave me with nothing to feel. wont i be alone and lonely. i wont be who i was anymore i guess, i will change, to someone else you all never ever seen before, broken hearted, bloody inner scars. all the words they said to make me feel better will just make me feel worse. its another side of me, you will never want to see.
its just some random thoughts that i had running through my mind today. tmr i will den blog up and update you guys about my week.

goodluck x

just a amazingly adorable pikachu <3

Sunday, 20 October 2013


i  think i am going to die. this week is kinda hectic although i didnt really do alot of stuffs. but i was really tired and had many regrets this week. idk why , its like pretty long o.o holidays are coming soon, and i feel kind of empty inside, its like super lonely at home. Mom most likely is gonna lock me at home isnt it.... :/ but ill never know. maybe try ? i really want more time with alexi and sherrie.... gosh gosh.
HI DARLINGS <3 welcome to this post. its gonna be pretty long and crappy. just wanted to dedicate some stuffs to my love ones yknow. who knows we will see tomorrow ? mm? OK. agenda~
1. Updates ( as usual )
2. dedication messages
3. things Im grateful for
4. reflection of 2013
heyhey hehe. so the starting of the week, i went along and did SEP which i chose-- Air Rifle. it was super fun and actually really testing my focus ability. and the ability to see afar which i cant but thank goodness i was wearing lens that day so i could actually see but aiming was alittle harder because yeah, my bloody eyesight. but apparently, the shooting gene is within my blood yayie. daddy had a high rank for marksmanship??? wtf? ok la. this are the cards i shot. but i didnt manage to capture a picture of myself holding the gun, or else it will be super cool....

yesterday, (sat) , idk why, im like pmsing everyone, which includes alexi, yes im guilty of it... confirm. but i know its tough for us, but believe me, its frustrating for us too. too have crazy moodswings before those blood flush through in between our legs. ._. so i thought he was angry but he wasnt apparently, thought he went to sleep early because he was feeling upset about me. but its actually his damn phone trying to pull us further. I HATE YOU, PHONE. ok. im so lame.
AND YES I GOT MY BUBBI BRUSHESSSSSSSSS <3 they are so pretty in pinkkkk. super good shit to add in my make up brush box... hehehehehe. doing a review next post ^^

last friday was mdm sung's farewell party in the hall, i believe she cried all the way until she reach the hall and still crying, she is the best principal who cares dearly towards her student cohort and shower us with love, you will be missed and thank you for everything.

NEW CASING <3 floral, super pretty ~

today~~~ i had a hair cut. my long hair is totally gone to because medium long or rather medium la~ but it was all very healthy so i believe i did the correct choice. anyways i need a new image to start all over again. idk i was just feeling crap towards other ppl. haters can say ur hair chg but ur face didnt chg. how the heck can i change my face, teach me how. but nevertheless, these are the pictures of new hair and ootd <3

done with the updates. so here comes the letter thingthing. you can skip through this if you want, because it might not apply to certain people which im certainly sorry for that. recently i have been tryin to accept everyone's flaws and hopefully they feel it and change the way they think about me. i was a cold person, or i can say, you dont even give me a chance to let each other learn and know about each other, why not take this chance? dm me, tweet me, text me.
so hi??? no bye. lol. HEYYYY. just wanted to say many thanks you guys. tbh, i knew you all like not very long time, and we only grew close like only recently. but i am very grateful of your presence in my life when i needed someone there too listen to my stories over and over again, esp to sherrie, i complain to her about so many things that 10 pairs of hands cant count it. many distress and misunderstanding between friendships and relationships had bond us tgr. for qd, in the past we had many rollercoaster rides back den when i was in sec1, and we drifted eventually, but it was all okay again like so recently ~ ^^ im happy and super grateful for that, AND YOU BETTER BE GRATEFUL  THAT I GAVE U A CHANCE. for my cutesy junior, we had serious fights and misunderstandings and many down side. i remember when you were still a freshman in WGS. innocent face. now...... HAHHAHAHA. im sry glen. its kinda like idk, i dont even remember how we got close, i know i was that annoying SC that kept disturbing you guys along the camp. it was really memorable mm?? for alexi.. i have no words to say to him, because baby, what you given me cant be expressed by words so easily. iloveyou. when i was at the down side of my life, you all raised me up to the person i become today.
the 5 words ( lxx) : its okay to be weak

the 5 words ( alexi) : loving you forever and always

the 5 words (glen) : always think before you act
the 5 words ( kqd) : start opening yourself to others

ofcourse not forgetting my parents, but apparently they are just fucking me hard this few days so i have no touching words for you yet.
·       smiles and laughters
·       love
·       passion
·       anky; lxx; kqd; gkjh
·       warmth within
·       raindrops
·       hugs x
·       time..
·       growing
·       my hair dresser, for doing a great job for my new hairdo
·       teachers
·       aircon.... the weather

this year had passed us really quick. i changed alot i believe. those people who force to change me to become better i swiftly believe. its a blessing to know them all.
hongyi <<

double braids me 

after hair cut

after hair cut


Sunday, 13 October 2013


why people from above sent us down to see and tolerate shits and craps. I wanna go back up and fly among my angels. thats where everyone is happy and grateful of things they have. This era is so judgmental, and corrupted..
HELLOOOOO TO MY BABIES BRANCHES AND LEAVES AND OF COURSE FLOWERS AND FRUITS, if that makes any sense XD . so today agenda will be talking about my updates in this week! the adventures and love, will den be followed by a post about hates around, like usual, disclaimer, it doesnt apply to everyone and its just personally my view and thoughts about it. yknow yknow yknow. hehe!
SKATING. ICE SKATING. heh heh, so this day, last friday. Alexi, Sherrie and QinDa, us four went to jcube to skate! qin da suggested it , and i thought it was okay so we went ah, BUT unexpectly, He doesnt know how to skate, hang on the barrier for dear life and sherrie. sherrie is so cute towards qinda i would say, she is like so caring and thoughtful towards him. i guess, i made a right choice about letting them know each other and "help" them get this far. sincerely i feel that sherrie deserve alot more than this because, idk maybe to me, she was really special. when i asked everyone to leave, she was the one that stayed and actually.. idk? she is my priority i would say. i will not exchange her with anyone. okay, back to skating crap, we had the time of our lives i guess. very fun and absolutely memorable <3 i love every single of them, dearly , thats because, i dont have many ( I KNOW I SAID 13988371 ZILLION TIMES). hehe cherish ma!


based on my modeling skills .....


all 4 of us <3

next is just today, where i went over to BeeGuan house with alexi, adrian, yanfang~ to just actually game, but i didnt really did. idk why, i just dont have the mood to do so, so whatever yknow. it was a pretty fun and day for me. sneaking out was the best crap ever because, seriously, if you never sneak out without parents consent any part of your life before, you're missing out.

yang <3 ^^v


mm, here comes the post uh. i would say, no one is perfect in this world so we all eventually will find someone who loves you even with your flaws. there is only people who seemed perfect to you, the apple of your eye despite his/her flaws. who knows? he may just be beside you or somewhere in the near future yknow. like i said, people are judgmental because they have impression on people, dont say you dont, because you know you do. no matter who you are, how well and perfect you are, you're gonna be envious of someone who has that little something that you dont. thats where all the arguments all into place. hurtful words used to shoot the other party is all just wanting to protect yourself. i have an experience like not long ago where a group of people expressed their hate due to misunderstanding. I was talking about another person but you guys walked pass and assume its you, heh, well, i cant do anything to stop you from calling me slut or bitch or whore or whatever. tbh, i don't fight or argue with someone when the problem has no root. and i wont be stupid enough to fight 10 of you..... 2 vs 10 , no point. and i personally think that you guys shouldnt think so highly of yourself. say im arrogant go ahead, because you cant handle the usual cold personality i had. i known you , since primary school. how cool, you know what kind was a person i was. i "hit" off with people and they just bitch about me behind. time passes and im no longer that person i am few years back yknow. i know all of you there those 10 people, you guys are smart, you guys are capable of doing some things i cant, why put others down and try to step on them and climb? that just brought you lower. all these are caused by jealousy, maybe there are other reasons but that is just one whole crap junk shit thing.
dont pull yourself down to a lower tide and make yourself feel terrible. you are just making 2 parties hard to communicate because of your attitude and behaviour towards things. hey, yknow girls, you guys are pretty, what about being confident and show others what you've got rather den getting into trouble and.. in the end, its still gonna hurt. i know i have been said by many people that im actually okay with now, they say i have a really icy feel. where i totally become a person who seemed very hard to get along. "ice princess" they said. because i have this personality within me, i cant change it. come closer to my heart and you'll feel the warm.

thats all, love all of you have a good day x