Monday, 25 November 2013

Rants // Wedding

STORY TIME :  A woman desperate for a taxi.

im going to ang mo kio with my mother and sis on a fine saturday. we crossed the road and there was this woman standing like further down the road. my house the road is like one scratch so you can actually stand anywhere along the road to get a taxi, ITS NOT A BLOODY TAXI STAND. a taxi came and obviously because i am at the front, i flagged it duh. life is unfair, you get the taxi if you use your brain ; dumb bitch , i dont care how long she stood there for a taxi, must well she stand infront of me and go take the cab lorh. SHE FUCKING SHOUTED AT US, " OI WHY YOU ALL (&%#$(*&)(^%$#$%^ " honestly idk what she was saying. WALAO EH, I DAMN NICE AND LET HER HAVE THE TAXI ALR WHAT, IS THE TAXI DONT WANT TO FETCH HER IN THE END OSO GO AWAY. then, another taxi came and i flagged, my mother told me to let her have the cab BUT i refused, i mean, of course, i let her have the first 1 already and so obviously the second one is ours. SHE IS JUST CURSED WITH BADLUCK AND NO ONE WANNA FETCH HER, NOT EVEN TAXI . she got effing pissed because we got up the second cab. SHE BU SHUANG GO TAXI PICTURE OF US (???????). Want stomp issit??? ok la i'll let you have the $50 NTUC voucher, and give me a chance to be famous around singapore.
tbh, if my mother isnt there, i would have scolded her back even louder. that road isnt even a taxi stand. and listen guys, this world, nothing is fair, its how you get things. i got it earlier because i was using my brain you brainless faggot.  and thanks to you, my morning was ruined so perfectly.

PHEW, HI SUNFLOWERS ! im back to this blog post today~ i went to a wedding dinner of my uncle and the food wasnt really very good but it was edible so i wouldn't say its very bad. they looked so blessed and i hope they have a good future and ill have a baby cousin soon mm?~
my mom said we looked like his mistress......




my table, table 8~ with my dad's brother which we call him jiujiu!

makeup of the day

i actually went to Forever 21 and oh my , the beanies are so cute and awesome. but i didnt buy, maybe next week when i go with sherrie ill get one.. or 2 ... or 3 hahahah~ the makeup wipes are really good!!!! it has 30 sheets and it only costed $5~ quite cheap for makeup wipes. i dont usually use them, i only use them to like clean excess or just clean my face. it worked fine i think, maybe im going to get another pack~

i did my nails.. it looks like watermelon dont it heheheh.

okay~ thats the end of the week! do tell my blog ideas because i need some inspiration ~ ^^
RAIN's obsession~

good luck x


Tuesday, 19 November 2013

East Coast Park ❤

this will be a short blog of my day, emotion and feelings of today, at ECP with love.

lets get started, so we both actually had a pretty bad tiff with each other and to be really honest, i was alittle numb towards us but the feeling got back last night, so thank god for that. and i just feel i need to be a understanding girlfriend from now on, what he needs, what i need, shall all my inside.

love has no limits. 

if you guys decided to love, dont give up on it so easily, love is an undefined feeling that is so powerful to change someone. Girl, you need to know that your boyfriend isn't a mind reader, so express. embrace. compromise. are keys towards lasting love.
back to the ecp~ okay, we promised to go see sunset someday, and after 11months we finally got to see it together.. it was really stunning to me and I felt alot of emotions while seeing the sunset. it felt like we finally accomplished something that we wanted to do. i was literally playing with sand and was like a kid hahahaha~ but luckily, he doesnt mind and even played along, i was dang lucky to have this kind of boyfriend.

Who is, gentle and loving but playful and handsome.  I think every girl will find their boyfriend handsome in someway , whether its when he holds your hand, or wash the dishes, cooking for you whatever, just there will be something. and for me, its when he tries to be serious but end up giggling and playing along, to me, thats attractive <3

The sky was stunning.. and sunset. ♡

we even drew on the sand, can see on his face he really doesn't want to and not willing to, but in the end, we both still did. because i really wanted to.......

after that, we went back, on the way to the busstop, i asked him if he had fun playing and just sitting in the sand with me, and guess what i got, A BIG FAT NO. he said its the worse part and he disliked it. and for the moment i was like.. grumpy, because i was having fun and felt lots of love. after... i thought back and realised he indeed had fun and was happy as well.. this is call, kou shi xin fei. your heart tells you, you are happy, but you just dw to say.

but its okay, because, i starting to understand you. hey baby if you are reading, i finally got the hang of it. i will find my way in. iloveyou. 

so i have came to the end of this post, its a really short one about today, 19th november 2013.

i mean like we are suppose to appreciate every single moment of our lives.

good luck x


Saturday, 16 November 2013


HEY GUYS! today's blog post will be all of my haul from the last bangkok trip~ i have tried my best to do it as fast as possible so that you guys wont have to wait so long... if you are interested~ of course my readers i love all of you, mwacks <3

i shall start with accessories~

firstly, its this 3 colour of nail polishes.

neon pink, dark green and neon yellow.
its from THE BAKERY shop from MBK. yeaps i got all 3 at a very very good price, all 3 for $4~ definitely worth the money. its easy to glide on but its quite sheer so i put 3 coats and its all good ^^

next, i have this hand cuff earrings

bought from a street store that sold many cute stuffs and unique stuffs. got this at 60 baht~ so its about $1~2? i wont say the quality is very good, but its not too bad either, as long you do not have any allergy this pair of earrings should be fine.

double layered flower earrings

got it from the same street store that i mention before, i have never seen a doubled layer flower earring before, so i think its pretty unique and it looks super good when its worn.

pistol earrings

its from a street store again, seriously i have no idea how they sell it so cheap at 60 baht~ its pretty good and looks cute when worn if you like an edgy feel that day~

diamond ribbon earrings

i got this from classic accessories in platunium. its a pretty big sort of like a investment shop already, but its all pretty and affordable~

last earring that i got, a fish bone one.

ITS SO ADORABLE I CANT. ps, i got it from Asiatic with 100baht~ slightly more pricey but for the size and quality, its worth it people, its worth it.

pistol necklace

you must be like, Celine, why are you getting so many guns accessories? im gonna be like, GIRL, you will buy it if you see it too. its good condition and the design of the gun shape really fancy me. i dont remember how much was it, but its definitely cheap and i got it from a street stall~

leave-shaped necklace

got this baby from MBK and is sliver and the little patterns inside the necklace triggered me and i have to bring it back home, you know what am sayin. THAT FEELING URGH.

double ring necklace

its a pretty piece with one golden and one sliver ring attached together, its really cute and there are actually engravings inside the necklace, that i will keep it a secret and if you guys want to know, when i wear it, ask me~ and i really like ring necklaces, hope i get a ring soon too heh AHHAH. btw, i got this from MBK

big sliver circle

its hanged with a type of different thing idk what is that, leather? but this necklace is pretty long and it gives off a very chic feeling. mm, got it. duh. got it from a street store~

red bangle // pink and blue bangle

its super cute and clean cut, its comfortable and its one of my favourite bangle to wear nowadays because its so, easy and light,, serioulsy you can dress llike how you want and it will still look good. got this 2 babies at MBK

gold flower bangle

its super cute, and its actually filled with diamonds and nice goodies inside the flower. easy piece and loving every single little thing about this cute bangle. got this at classic accessories.

bird necklace attached a peace

I really liked how they attach the peace sign down below the bird, its like saying wherever i go wearing this necklace it will bring some peace over. got this at a street store too at unbelievable prices.

cubed necklace

i have alot of this type of simple necklaces where you can easily wear on and just go. got this at classic accessories.

pink heart bangle // white double star bangle

i would say, if you do not have something like this, YOU MUST GO GET ONE GIRL, you dont know how comfy this are and how it clings on the wrist well..... got this at a street store infront of platunium~


pink high waist shorts~

i dont remember where i got this baby but its really cute right, the little laced detailing below the shorts really added extra cuteness and extra girly~

tribe high waist shorts

this has a zip beside it so it made wearing it so much more easier and faster. overall i think that the detailing is pretty much acceptable and okay too, but its alittle longer than the other usual shorts i wear so its feeling weird.

floral high waist shorts

this pants is kind of loose...... but i love love love the design, i believe all girls love floral designs right! this pair is super lovable,,,,

leathered maroon skater skirt

THIS IS LOOSE TOO. i got this at platunium i believe the quality is amazing although i got it at a super less cost. i regret why didnt i got all the colours for this. its so nice... im recently into the girly style so.. skirtssss~

mid waist denim shorts

low waisted low cut shorts

somewhat like FBT but in denim


I guess im getting lazier, i bet you guys know me well enough to know what im gonna say~

NEW YORK shirt

micky mouse shirt

 hello kitty shirt

ok its super cute i cant

idk what shit is this

but its super nicely graphic and the lady seem so... idk cool

guard sweater

i just find it cute, doesnt it feel like this guys are gonna protect you

faker shirt

yah, for you.

maroon shirt..


this is how i will wear this shirt, with  a cute knot. added extra fun to the original plain tee.

music circle shirt

inside the circle, there is like cute people. i find it really adorable, idk why, loving graphic stuffs

square sweater

super simple yet super complicated and there is like this gold dust inside it which made it extra detailed and feeling ..idk

dark floral 21

i guess i dont need to explain much, you all know i love floral <3

cropped leather see through shirt


werid shirt

robot cropped sweater

which has contradicting words, it looks cute but they say, not trust anyone ever.

patterned shirt???

pluto sweater

i really like the fact they printed the planets on the sleeves like super unique i think, the middle is super plain and the sleeves are then the highlight.

green mickey shirt

its alittle cropped, im obsessed with cropped tops. as you can see from the amount...

zebra sweater!

i walked 3 times pass this shop, seen this sweater for 3 times, didnt buy it, but it really catches my eyes. so the 4th time, ( the day i was going back to sg) i went to the shop, and bought it back. its complicated. my relation with this sweater.

feathered collar-ed

just like that the feathers had like vintage prints on it, added alittle spark to  the whole plain feather.

heart with complicated background

clocks shirt?

random shirt

 it has the same texture and pattern like the clock one, just that this i tied it to the side, look how nice it become. you girls can try this out someday~ it will just spice up every single long and baggy shirt to a nice and cute little cropped knot tied.

boy london sweater

super cute. its cropped....

THIS IS NOT THE END PEOPLE, I KNOW I AM BEING LIKE THIS. please expect a part 2 soon of the haul, but i have done most this round. i have not featured my bags, shoes, ROMPERS AND DRESSESSSS. so please please wait alittle longer okay! - insert cute face -
hopefully i can get a photographer to help me. my boyfriend said he will help me~ so!!! it wont be long till its up!! just give me afew more days to film and edit the blog post okay.
hope you liked this blog! thks for reading it all the way down here. love ya'll.

good luck x