Friday, 26 December 2014

Christmas Wonderlights

If you are curious about how I spent my Christmas, head over to to view all the pictures taken. Ungalms and views. The crowd is crazy.

10 things in my school bag (2015)

So this are the things I will be putting into my school bag, OTHER THAN BOOKS. >>

1. A good read

I mean there is always free time and a good book will keep you occupied in a good way. The fact that my school has a "morning silent reading period", a book is almost a must. So woodgrovers remember to bring your morning books.

2. Pencil box

I mean, this is brainless. But just anything that can fit your pencils and pens and all the things you need to write and erase. I have been using this for like about 2 years already and it is still alive, not gonna find an excuse to get a new one because, this simple design still catch my eyes.

3. Earpiece

If you are not much of a reading person, a good earpiece will do you much more help. Listening to your favourite music on the way and back from school is a very common thing. Just a reminder, do take them off when you are crossing the road. The thing I like to do is, just off my music until I walk to the other side, so it kind of saves time and effort needing to put them back again. LAZY TRICK.

4. Self designed note books

Well, this notebook is just practically the normal A5 books you buy in school. I just wrapped it with some fancy papers and drew some shit on it and it turns out to look pretty amazing. It is a quick and simple way to customize your own school notebook. This notebook is from this year, so there will be new ones I'll be making along the year pass.

5. Foolscap paper

I mean, this thing saves your ass. When there is a boring class, I would doodle...... Please do not learn from me. It is a very bad habit that I still haven't kick. But it will be great if you were to take down some quick notes and English lessons, gotta need it.

6. Files

I have this zipped floral file I got from disco, it is pretty functional as I would just squeeze all my needed worksheets into this. Reminders, timetable and stuff. I like to put some coloured paper inside too, no idea why.

7. Hair clips, bobby pinks, hair ties

If you are a girl, you will know why. You just lose them constantly, and yeah, extras must always be on hand.

8.Portable charger

After I switch from Samsung to Apple, the battery dies way too fast. Well, this comes in pretty handy for myself, and I highly recommend getting one because this thing will save your ass someday.

9. Body Mist

After PE lessons, or just after recess, it is a good way to freshen yourself up. I got this both at Bath&bodyworks it smells.. amazing. Just something I like to keep inside my bag, some people think that it's and that its heavy, well I actually think that it is not something that really contributes to the weight.

10. Water bottle

I do not have one, but it is good to always keep yourself hydrated. Usually I like to just go down and buy a new bottle or two every day. Since, that way it is much simpler for me.

Hope this helped a little in your "bag packing", I have no specific way of packing my bag. I am the type of girl who just throw everything into the bag, and find the things I need later.

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Monday, 22 December 2014

4 reasons why you might be single

DISCLAMER: This is not a post to discourage you or damage your self esteem. Just generally what I realise.

Here are 4 reasons why you might be single (there is way too many reasons, I am just generalizing) :

1. You let your past relationships drown you.

We all have that one relationship that blasted through our hearts, sometimes it still hurts even now. But you shouldn't let those guys/girls who cheated, hurt, or even abuse you scare to till this extend. Pain will be gone as time passes, no point holding on to the past. Since it already happened, might as well take it as a harsh lesson learnt. Slowly find someone whom you can have a healthy relationship with.

2. Lack of confidence

YOU YOU YOU YOU. "There is no ugly woman, only lazy ones." It applies to boys too actually. If you actually take your time to take a shower, go to the gym, gel up your hair. For girls wearing a decent clothing, light makeup, smile. I have seen my really pretty girlfriends going for average or even below average looking guys, and also seen my handsome guy friends getting average looking girls. I mean, the posture, the confidence, the comfort level. There is so many things related to confidence I have no idea how to explain through words. Embrace your flaws and someone else will too.

3. Arrogance

It is absolutely okay to love yourself, but for people who goes to the extreme it starts to become a turn off. Just like, there is a difference between confidence and arrogant. People might distance themselves from you just because they feel that you are "hard to approach". I have been in that situation, I mean, even now, some people thinks I am arrogant. Oh well, have to accept the fact that not everyone likes you.

4. Expectations

People make unrealistic expectations. Guys want their girls to be petite, slim, big eyes, cute, sexy, understand them da di da da, girls want to have their guys to have abs, spoil them, presents da di da. I mean, once in a while is fine but all the time? I see guys ranting on facebook how they do not want to have a girlfriend that club and smoke. I mean, if you want it then you should be a role model and not do it yourself.

For those people that always go #foreveralone #alone #goingto2015single, THIS IS FOR YOU MY FRIEND.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

10 things I want to do in 2015

Here is a 10 of things I want to do in 2015!

I think making a list this way will let yourself have a goal throughout the year and keep yourself going. You can make a list with your best friend, boyfriend or even as a family thing. But this post will just be what I want to do throughout the year and me and myself. Hope you guys like this~


1. Sentosa Staycation

I have never had a staycation before, well I am that super out person. I want to have a very short staycation at sentosa, probably with my friends. Just relax and it is something I wanted to do since quite some time.


2. High Tea w/ girlfriends

I mean, what is least good as a good old high tea at a hotel. Eating and just more eating, and hopefully a good view for a eyegasm too.



Pray and hope that lan has freaking sick internet connection and amazing car to sit. I have always been a gamer, not that hardcore anymore but I still enjoy the feeling of winning, and yeap, only winning. Probably the fun that you get with a crazy bunch of people.


4. Go to the library

Because I am quite a reader since holiday starts, I keep buying book and eventually leave them on the shelf. I mean, those that I got are really good books but if I happen to ever find it in the library I will do so.


5. Dye my hair

I want a slivery grey colour all over my head. Say I am crazy but I have been thinking of this colour for a pretty long time


6. Get a new camera

I do know I just got my Samsung NX mini, I think I need something that can shoot even better pictures.


7. Officially quit dota

It is pretty hard but I will try, I mean I failed a few times but yeap. It's getting addictive.


8. Get myself new phone

I am using a spare phone if any of you guys think I changed to Iphone5 suddenly. Because I literally broke my S4 and now I am stuck with this phone. But it is pretty good and easy to handle, and planning to get an Iphone 6!


9. Go back to dancing

I used to dance a lot when I was in year 1 and 2 but ever since I got up to the senior years I never really danced. Probably because of my health but that was never a problem. Dancing releases so much stress, I highly recommend people who wants to lose weight in a fun way or just a way to get things off your mind to start dancing!


10. Drawing/Paint

It may come out as an surprise to you all but I want to start a series of blogpost about drawings I have done along the holidays. There will be one every month, please leave nice comments, I am just doing it for the sake of fun I am not professional or anything like that. I just find it extremely therapeutic to just draw.


Hope you guys like this post, I will make a video about things I want to do in 2015 too. Please anticipate and I shall write soon.

Sorry for the long break I has from this blog. I am sorry and I promise, I will be back soon. I have just been tired and stuff but I am alright now. Up and ready to have a good 2015.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

for the first time

For the first time in my life, I wanted to hurt myself. The fact that I always thought self-harming was the dumbest shit to do. I finally ate my words. Oh no, don't worry. I didn't do anything to hurt myself in the end. Just the thought of it scares me.

Today is the day I thought I wanted to share a story. If you are easily emotional, easily triggered, this post is not for you.

Click out of it now.

When a friendship ends, there is always a double sided story. I keep that in mind as much as I could just to remind myself that no matter how sad or disappointed I felt, I believe it is the same for the other side. We all see things in a different angle so there is no way the other party don't feel anything (?). There was just a point of time where I literally lost myself, because I didn't want to break this rule. Well, I hang on believing that he/she will feel my effort and turn back.

If you are anything about horoscopes like me, Leos are very stubborn and has a very strong sense of pride. I won't let it down for anyone or anything that has no value to me and if I do, congratulation you fall into the special place where I probably would do anything for you. And I really did.

Have you ever trusted someone so much, and to find out he/she was your greatest enemy. The only way I can explain the pain to you is that, it felt like whole body numbing thing. If you ever had an injury you would know, some pain it hurts until you don't feel a single thing. That's it. I cried every single day, I could just wake up to realise my eyes were wet. ( I didn't know you can cry in dreams damn).

There really has been time where people press me to my breaking point, if you are going through this now, I am really sorry but get your shit up and get over it.


Monday, 8 December 2014

Bangkok Life 2014

So this post will be dedicated to all the pictures I have taken with my camera during my 4 Day Bangkok trip. As most of you guys know, I really had a very good time and I cannot wait for the school semester to start (which may came out as an surprise to many), I am not too sure why maybe I am just glad my Secondary school years are finally coming to an end and I could have a brand new start in life.

I may have my family members inside the pictures, so please be nice and do not say nasty things.

This trip really gave me a lot of inspiration in life. I am really into fashion, but in a weird way as many of you guys know of me. This trip just gave me an extra bomb of being able to be myself. You may see that my outfits are slightly toned down this trip and I do not wear that crazy red lipstick much. That is because I really want to let myself be more comfortable even without that speck of confident boost. Moreover, I am with my family so what have they not seen.

It has been close to a year since I got to go to a trip with my whole family, family of 5. Because we all have busy schedules and our timings never really matched. The fact that I am able to go overseas with my fam just makes me feel warm and really blessed. Not everyone gets to experience a good old family trip.

I went, I relaxed myself, I had a major stress relieve by shopping. Honestly, I think that shopping therapy works hell good on me. I came back happy, I am happy and I sincerely hope everyone is.

Family has always been a big part of my life. Well, I am still young, but I get that the fact no one actually last forever except for family. Blood ties can never be changed after all, it is an undeniable fact. I am truly blessed to have a pair of parents who would just be kind to me. (Although I was an accident.....)

Thailand, Bangkok had been good to me.

PS, I think I bought too much clothes and now I am so wrecked, because I have so many clothes on hand. I might just need to sell some of them away, will anyone be interested? Most of them are brand new!


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