Wednesday, 26 February 2014

dramatic lifestyle

just a mini update about my life !

as you guys know, my life is always so dramatic although I try to avoid it, it comes to me or rather.. I am just purely bored and needed some entertainment. Well good enough, there is always people willing to do it.


okay, just accept me for who I am okay. I live this way, because I find that there is a need to be straight forward in life.

An incident have happened this few days or maybe 2 weeks or so. I do not want to bring it up anymore. This is the last time.

So, things are pretty complicated and it can get a little personal to talk about. So forgive me, that if I did not share this story with you.

Just a question for you all out there. As a really good friend of someone, will you side them? like no matter what. I will say the truth that, I will side my friend first of course, but I would not do anything to hurt the other party if I found out that my side has problems too.

Does that even make sense?

just a random tie day that I decided we should take a selfie 

Just anyways, I don't feel like there is a need to even tell anyone about my problems nowadays, people ask and I would always, just tell them briefly about it or maybe choose not to tell.

Because, there are some b*tches who are just thirsty.

(( just incase you guys do not know, thirsty does not mean that they are actually thirsty. In a sense if you are scolding or ranting about people, thirsty means desperate. ))

call me flirt if you want to, but I just honestly find guys in general easier to be friends with. Sherrie is different, she is my man when I am alone.  If you feel the way, hi my friend.

ungalms because I love swag. TODAY before CIP

Maybe just because I am quite tired of being around girls. Okay, what am I talking about here, I make extremely no sense.

Just so you know, I had my examinations for the past week and I gotten back my results. Passed all except for English, DEN DEN DENNNNN * epic music * YOU MUST BE WONDERING WHY IS IT NOT MATHS.

let me tell you guys, I got A1 for my math for the first time in my whole secondary school life. I failed math all the way since Sec 1 and finally passed for Sec 3. Lets hope it stays this way because honestly, I cannot fill up myself to the amount of happiness that was released.

So recently, I have been up for reading.. can you imagine me? Reading? Reading and Me does not match at all. I am not those type of girl who settle down reading a book. can you imagine people. Reading has been killing time for me....  This book will definitely come out in my favourites !

Do not ever think you will never do something, I never thought I will ever read but hey I still did it, I never thought I could get a pass neither a A for my math but I did it, I never thought that I could actually confront my fears but I did it!

Step over all your fears and dislikes, who knows one day you might just wake up and be ready to learn and accept it in a new light, right? ^^

stay strong.

Good Luck x

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Monday, 24 February 2014

Girl Power Tag

I know, this tag sounds legit, but it sounds quite cool to me aint? HAHA~

So there is only 6 questions but I will answer them in depth, hopefully.

(( btw guys, I am half way down my chinese composition and got bored and super not inspired to do anything )) Let us all blame that examinations are just over and our brain just does not wish to stimulate again for awhile from now. I think that is the case.

But nevertheless, lets get to this interesting tag~

What does Girl Power mean to you?

Girl Power means strength, confidence, and the ability to accept flaws. Firstly strength, comeon guys, when you see the word " power " I think of strength and great amount of force. I mean like that is what usually people will think of and I am just one of them, strength doesn't necessarily be you can carry a 50kg bag of rice or anything physically. It can mean a strong heart, where you do not break down easily and you are very determined. It can be a strong influential mindset, where you influence people into thinking in the same way as you do, but obviously you have to do it the right way and not be giving people bad intentions.

Secondly, confidence. I know I have repeated this for the 10th time in this blog that " Confidence is sexy". When you decide to ignore the flaws you have, and just know how much you exactly worth. You don't wear a piece of clothing or shoe. You SWOSH in them. You get head turning, You get good attention, You get compliments. But remember to be humble. I am really bad at being humble, I usually just take whatever is given to me, good or bad. Confidence bring your standard to the next level. You get classy, you get to be what you want to be, what you want to explore and what you want to actually achieve in the later part of life.

Thirdly, ability to accept flaws. Not only your own flaws, the people around you. Your family, Your loved ones, Your friends. They all have flaws. Just a fact on how you want to accept them and make them into something lovable and acceptable. If you are able to confront the flaws you have, maybe it's the nasty mouth you have that always say things you don't mean. Maybe it's the way you act differently from certain people, that does not mean you are different. Maybe you are wary about your looks, maybe here maybe there. Those little things affect your brain into thinking how good you are. Accept your flaws, know you are not perfect, and you can stroll up to the second one and read it again. Being confident.

What is the best advice you can give to girls who want to be powerful?

Stay classy. If you want to be powerful, you got to have class. If a person say nasty stuff about you, it does not mean you have to clear things up with every single soul in the planet and make it " clear ". Because  sometimes "clearing" things up make it worse. You don't have to say nasty stuff about that person. I used to to that, I changed from this moment on. Although yes, you don't have to clear things up with everybody but you have to go to that person and tell her/him to stop. You know what they are doing. Next, If you want to be powerful, you got to stay true to yourself. STOP LYING TO YOURSELF, embrace what you have and forget those you don't. Maybe some things are not meant to be yours. Do not bring yourself down to fight with that b*tch no matter how much you hate her and want to punch and kill her inside. 1, its gonna ruin your pretty face. 2, you get into trouble. Not worth it just to "settle" something.

If you could have any super power, what would it be and how would you use it?

If I could have a super power.. I have never thought of this question before. Let me think.
I guess it will be the ability to change negative mindsets to positive.
There are many people out there who suffers with negativity and depression and they have many problems trying to get out of their dark life. So, I wish I could shine a bright light down into their lives and give them hope to continue living on. Yeah, I wish I had the ability to give other people hope when they are at their deepest and darkest part of their live, because you will never know who is struggling.

Show us your best girl power (picture) pose.


Why is it important to have power girls as role models?

comeon guys, Look at those models, I mean like crazy obsession over them is not good but nevertheless, having a goal or a inspiration will set you to the correct path to maybe a healthy lifestyle or a good diet or maybe just a contented life? Many girls suffers from diseases because of being overly obsessed with being thin and " perfect" . In this society nowadays, The defination of being pretty and perfect is kind of... wait, IT IS corrupted. What makes everyone thinks being thin will make you look prettier, maybe losing some pounds will, but CURVES, and abs are much more attractive than seeing just bones and skin. We need to find the correct role model to lead us. This are my inspiration!


Jenn Im


What beauty product make you feel powerful?

Red Lipstick or Dark Lipstick definitely! I do not usually wear them out but, don't they look brave?

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Sunday, 23 February 2014

❤ Being Stronger ❤

All things have an ending. No matter if its friendship, relationship, or maybe parents.

Because life is a b*tch, it takes away things that we want the most. But have you ever wondered, that you are going to be stronger afterall.

I have been having thoughts about this. Because recently one of my friends, I do not want to mention who, had some relationship problems.
Girls tend to be more sentimental so I have a more rich feeling towards how he felt.

Didn't felt good in any way.

It just felt overwhelming. Because it is all happening in such a unexpected timing, unexpected duration.

Because you never thought of leaving, but it happened.


I experienced it before obviously.

If not I will not be saying this in such a casual form.

Because I understand how much it hurts, how much it has an impact on our daily life.

Seeing certain things remind me of so and so person made me felt sad. It is always this way.

As humans, like I said 1 zillion times, we all have feelings and sometimes the feelings overpower what our brain tells us to do. Because you are too " feeling-riched " to do anything.

People say, stay strong, forget about that person, don't care about him or her anymore.

Those words come out easy but you must understand how hard and painful it is to let go of someone whom you never thought was ever leaving you.

Sometimes, being strong isnt all that good. Because you act like you can cross over any mountain, but in the sad fact you are still at the starting point.

 Because you are strong people assume you could get over it yourself but trust me, everyone, YOU and you and you and you you you you you. Out there, you all are weak, do not try and stop me from saying this because you know at certain point of your life, you are really broken but no one came to rescue  you.

Its okay to cry.

it does not mean that you are weak.

Its okay to be angry

We all have feelings

Its okay to be weak.

Because we are born like this.

Its okay to be down

But remember to stand up

Just a little reminder, that I will always be here. I love reading your emails, your thoughts.

you can send me at .

Someone is loving you. So don't stop radiating love, and love yourself.

I love you x

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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

January Favourites 2014

I know, its 19th of February already and I just posted my favourites of last month. IM SORRY GUYS.

typically I was just not in the mood to do it. Yknow your girl here have those times.. where I seriously do not want to do anything.

I did not buy many stuffs but I do have some items I dug out and decided to use it again.

So lets just continue to the favourties ~

Firstly its a hair product called MOROCCAN Oil. It conditions the hair and make it stronger. Just apply a tiny bit before I blow my hair make such A HUGE DIFFERENCE,

My hair is really dry because I have been blowing it dry like crazy recently, I know it is better to let it dry naturally but there is definately some days where you have to blow it dry.

Got this at Wisma!

Saying about blowing dry, HOW NICE ISSIT FOR SOMEONE TO BLOW DRY YOUR HAIR FOR YOU?? it feels super goos and super loved. Just a random thought yknow.....

Next, I have my Victoria Secret Noir TEASE body wash.....

GOD DAMN THIS, I come out of the shower feeling like a victoria secret model because it make my skin feels like it is so  freaking smooth FREAKING SMOOTH.

It smells like VS's perfume so I definately smell awesome too.
I have really sensitive skin but this is super soft to my skin... damn. appreciate it.

Flower crown.

I got this at Bangkok, super cute and girly, have been wearing it like crazy although I dont suit the girly girl.........


dont have to explain why... you know it. it appeared again


this is not my first time reading this, well its the third. The story is super nice. at least to me, I just happen to stumble across this book when I am in kinokuriya so I actually bought it becase the cover was really pretty so I just thought that having a pretty book will be nice to decorate my room but in the end I really read it and it was a pretty nice experience.

Favourite songs of Jan 2014!

Ne-Yo "So Sick" and GD's Crooked.

I will have both linked down below~

So, its pretty much the end... HAHAHAHA OHYA!

alittle mini shoutout for @shopenvymyfetish ! They are holding a FLEA at BAZAAR SCAPE at this Saturday! I will be heading down so catch me there if you would like!

well, good luck and I will post soon !

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