Monday, 28 April 2014

one person ; world

Call me paranoid.

You don't understand the feeling of someone that repetitively leave you and make you feel like you're nothing. I cannot handle it once more. The pain is just far to hurtful to be explained through this entry. Someone has that ability to make you feel inferior, someone has that ability to make you feel like you are worthless, someone that can make you feel like you are nothing in this world. Congratulations you just fell into deep shit, that might cause you severe consequences like losing people who treats you like the world.

You eyes are filled with fear because you are afraid to lose to the other party, but have you seriously thought about it, you are already losing at the starting of the game. You are going to lose, no matter what. Because it ain't the same for the other person. Maybe you are feeling some desperateness because no matter how good you are, you are still small, no matter how good you are you are still NEVER good enough.

Quote from my fellow friend, Ian : "You may be one person to the world, but to one person you may be the world."

Because that someone which you are holding on so tightly and carefully, to him/her, you might just be one person. Able to live without or so, in chinese we say it as 可有可无, which basically means, you can have, or don't, both are the same. Because our hearts are bitches that we cannot control how emotions wants to spread. I cannot say the amount of effort put into your live to just please the other party. Lets say it in a nice way, but I cannot find nice words to phrase this so, you are just like a bought-slave with a 13 year contract. Because you will never know when you will bear with those things you are about to face, may be in the matters of minutes.

They have the extreme power of breaking you, with one word.

I am trying to save you, but apparently you can't save yourself, or rather, you don't really want to save yourself because the pain feels so good after it heals. You are so vulnerable towards him/her, aren't you?  Have you ever thought how much worth you are inside the other party's heart? How much do you weigh?  Your emotions jumps and leaps and gets fucked up by the slightest changes between both. Have you wondered why do you feel pain?

Everyone is a victim in their eyes. No one wants to be the bad person. But we can always see facts from a neutral 3rd person view. I tried to look at things in a really middle manner. You will see things in a different light.

Maybe after this entry, some people change their point of view about me but I just want to send a serious message out to every single one of my readers. You are important, You are someone, You are special.... so don't change you for him/her.

Because you will truly miss who you truly are. You will regret later on trying to please the person you desire, because one day you will realise, there is actually someone loving you deep inside just by what you are. Yes you maybe be happy for the time being, but it is honestly tiring to try and be like someone else. I know that feeling, looking at pictures of pretty girls, dying to slim down, trying to get what they wear, try to learn to makeup like the way they do. I know, I know, I KNOW THAT FEELING. But is it worth it, you know it deep inside that even you get what you want, how long can that happiness that you to? Rather you go with someone that knows what you're worth, and like you for what you are, not what you change to.

Maybe we are all addicted to how someone lies to you, because you know, that he or she is lying but, you chose to believe it still. How much do you want to give up for one single human. I don't believe as first fantasy last fantasy, you can have as many tries as you want in your life but, don't leave yourself hanging for too long.

Just remember this, when you decided to come back, there is always a place in my heart, waiting for you, called home.

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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Closet Confidential Tag ♥

HELLO GUYS. I found this new series of questions on blogs and youtube and I just thought that you guys would be interested about my closet because I have people asking me to do a closet tour~ tell me if you guys want that okay!

So lets go!

1. The oldest item in your wardrobe?

I got this I think like 7 years old, because I thought that it would be really cute on me but I never really wear it. I mean like I never even wear it before. Although I never ever wear and it is just going to rot in my closet, I would just let it because I always just think that... eff it. I am just going to let it age in my cupboard and find inspiration next time.

2. The newest item in your wardrobe?

The newest item is this 3/4 length floral but black and white skirt thing. I just like how it has double layers so I can actually kind of play around with different type of style and feelings. I mean like, it has a really nice flare to it. This is quite a famine piece, because its a skirt and it has a kind of floral pattern but it is still really true to my style because of its length.  

3. Most expensive thing in your wardrobe?

My JCs definately, you all have seen this pair of shoes before. I got it for sale but it is really worth it. The black panther material just made the whole shoe really classic but with a second glance it has a really rough yet cute look. It is one of my best buys and I still do have intentions of buying more of them. Do not judge me because I really don't care how tall I am after wearing that. I feel good about it and that is honestly just what matters.

4. Biggest bargain

My one piece shirt. I saw it amongst a pile of clothing during an anime event. I am a One Piece fan for those who didn't know. And now you know. It is still one of my favourite pieces up till today. I like how it really has the 90s element to it. Never wore it out, too precious. I got it at $4 which is really a god damn deal because YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW EXPENSIVE ANIME PRINTED SHIRTS ARE. They can easily go up to $40 or $50.

5.  3 favourite items now

Firstly it has got to be this printed yet alittle halter-ed top. I really like how it covers the top part of the body and shows off the lower part instead. It is one of the perfect type of clothes for those girls who wants to cover up the front part and still can be sexy. It was actually full length or rather at a really weird length so I cut it, with a pair of scissors. Because I am not going to wear it if I don't. And after I cut it, I shamelessly wear it over and over again.

Secondly, I have this Maxi Dress. I do not usually love the dress style but it is my bestfriend recently because it is so easy to throw on and just go off like this without much thinking. Just to be frank I have been really lazy to dress up so much. That is why I have this. This is a classic long maxi dress that reaches my ankle, I love how elegant it can look with a pair of heels or really casual if I wear some nice slippers. And a maxi dress, I think it is really a essential to the closet, because It just suit any type of event and it is easy to match since its black.

 Lastly it is this Olive jacket. It kind of looks like a military jacket and I think it looks really cool with anything. It is a neutral colour and I think that every girl or guy out there must seriously own one of this. I recently only packed my closet and found this. Couldn't stop wearing it. HANDS DOWN, I need more of these in my life.

Thats all for the questions. Realised you guys like more fashion related stuff blogs, not sure if I am correct but I will try to make more of this kind of blogs. Like maybe my monthly favourites can have a fashion part to it. Although I don't buy so much things......... ok I do.

Thanks for reading this. I love you.

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Friday, 25 April 2014

Sports Day 2014

HEY GUYS~ just to update you about what happened just today. I was really kind of exited so I was just like, I SHOULD JUST TYPE, UPLOAD AND POST. This post has absolutely no editing. So pardon my lousy English okay~

So today was my school's annual sports day event. Actually I was not much looking forward to it, because I always think that sports day is just really a waste of time, a pain, always has intention to skipping but I never did for the past 3 years.

It was a pretty much fun and hyper day. I was just really hyper and really happy for THE WHOLE EVENT. I was walking everywhere, taking pictures with everybody and just making new memories while I can. So I was just really elated.

I have lots of photos to come by, It is confirm a spam so.. I hope you do not get to bored over this. Because I think for today, nothing speaks better than the pictures taken.

DO NOT WORRY. All the pictures are all taken by my camera with the better lens so it should be pretty clear and nice. So.. Scroll down now <3

thanks for reading this whole bunch of pictures... pictures can be read. 

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