Saturday, 31 May 2014

Power of Makeup

One of the rarest time where I just bombshell all my makeup to my face and just let it be. I swear this is not how I normally look like, my eyes are so damn huge, not even joking. But I guess this is how the power of makeup transform many people's life.

Guys say they like girls who are natural looking, natural this, natural that. But honestly nowadays how many things are natural? I mean natural as in, total bare face, totally never dress up. Honestly I think all girls want to be pretty. I will take a life example off my life to tell you a story and prove you in this world, there is only lazy woman, no ugly woman.

If someone take extra effort, to draw that eyeliner and apply that mascara for you. Be god damn grateful, because she took time to make herself look prettier for you. She took the extra effort to get more of your attention.
Girl, I want to say. Even you don't do makeup, it counts if you took more than 10minutes thinking what you are going to wear. Whether this or that fit.

I am sick and tired of people saying that wearing makeup is being insecure because I am not insecure even with my bare face. I feel that putting on makeup just make me feel better of myself and an extra boost to my confidence. Like my sister, honestly everyone that goes out with me always mistake her as my mother. It is that extreme. But honestly, she is just effing lazy. If she put in some effort, she is some hot stuff I swear. If she walk across the road, there will be many eyes on her.

I understand how judgmental the world is nowadays and if you just do what you feel like doing, there will be people looking every second. When I was finding my style, I got alot of weird stares, because honestly I am also still experimenting with colours and pattern. But HI, judge me all you want, it just makes me feel like going more bold.

Special thanks to Panpuri  scent and makeup for letting me join in the conference talk.

Thanks for reading! AND YES, HOLIDAY ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, 29 May 2014

Special day of someone's life

Today is someone's birthday, I mean like he had been through somewhat hell together with me. So this somewhat birthday dedication, of course you can continue reading too because you might learn something out of it somehow.

So, first off, Happy Birthday! Honestly there was quite a period when we drift. I know there must be something keeping you avoiding me and shits but apparently it is over now. Kind of like it when we have stupid things going on between us, aka inside jokes. Honestly I like inside jokes a lot because it makes me feel more closer towards that individual. Something only we both experience.

I have not thanked you for this, I want to thank you for sacrificing much of your time to just listen to my stories and rants when honestly only few really does understands what is inside of what I am feeling. Telling me silly jokes, making every minute we spent with each other a fun filled one, a fulfilling one.

I know I am not a good person, because they say I am a person who ditches when I have someone new, but you stand at my side. Somewhat to me, I really appreciate when someone expresses that they stand close in my line. I don't think everyone agrees to what I say totally. Duh, we are all different and special in our way, just like how you are special in your own way.

I just want to tell you that, everyone has their own flaws, but I kind of see the light in those flaws. Because you are beautiful within and I know it. Others may treat you like shit, or did I too.... You changing and behaving in another way to fit it kind of hurts me because, I know how tiring is it to act like you are like this every single day. Just I have learnt earlier than you about how to not give a shit towards certain things.

Time is a monster than never stops working. When we reach a delusional stage of our lives, many things would have changed. Who knows we might even forget each other's existence 5 years down the road as we advance in to the New World? So, now we should just think lesser and be happier, while studying obviously. Make studying fun in a way, joke studying is never fun but we have to because this world is just cruel if you do not have that certain certificate.

I want to bring the message out that, everyone was born into this world with a mission in hand. Once you complete your mission, that is when you go back to where you belong and receive your next mission in the next life. Birthdays are a sign that time is clicking faster than you think, faster than the clouds. Some people's mission are harder than others, but do not compare it that way. Because you given this task because I believe you can handle it.

Enough of all this. Hope you like that voice thing, I know it sucked quite a bit. Still hope you listened to it well. Thanks for being born.


Friday, 23 May 2014

Drugstore Cosmetics

HEY guys! So I am going to share with you about today, the23 of May.

It's a Friday and guess what, I am a badass and I didn't attend school..... joke, I was ill. Couldn't get up so apparently I just slept all the way.

The most irritating thing happened, I woke up and it was freaking 5am. And I was like it is still 5am~ But apparently, my digital clock went haywire and shown 6.40 as 5am. Don't you hate it when your clock is crazy. Well, mine is digital so I just set it back to what it is suppose to be. And got my ass off the bed.

I made pasta for breakfast and yeah, I should not have bought the other brand of pasta. It has a really strong, what would you call it "noodle" taste? Although so, I still finished all and it was more filling than usual, not sure why but recently I have been eating a lot that I rarely feel full. I just I over reached my stomach capacity. It's bad for your health, please do not learn.

Other thing I have been loving is fruits and water. I have been drinking loads and loads of water recently, BUT MY PIMPLE IS STILL NOT GOING AWAY, I am really having real trouble here trying to heal this huge acne I have... But I love fruits especially mangoes, nowadays its mango season so I have been really excited and just eating a lot of mangoes. I also like to add mangoes inside my water and leave it in the fridge until its chilled and drink it. Its good for your health, of course you can also substitute it with other detox fruits.

and yes, one day instructor.

and OHYA, I went to Watsons today and got a few stuffs so I thought that I will just show you some cosmetic products I got from there, affordable and good quality!

First we have NYX lipstick, I got it in the shade Tea Rose  and Electra. Tea Rose is a pretty neutral pinkish nude shade which I think would really suit some of my bold outfits where I just want to tone down my face a little bit. Electra is a dark red colour, I would say it is not a berry colour, it is literally dark red which I think will be amazing to add up to my lipstick collection. I heard many good reviews about NYX lipsticks and they are affordable if you are going for a long trip with just one. I got it on sale for $9.90 per tube.

Next we have this light black and brown MAYBELLINE HYPER SHARP LINER. For those who didn't know I am already obsessed with the hyper sharp liner for quite a long time, I think it was the first liquid eyeliner I ever gotten and have been still constantly using it. When I heard this series is going to have 2 other new colours. I just had to get it, the colour looked very nice. It is pretty smudge and water proof and I drew lines on my hands and it didn't go away even until this moment that I am typing.

MAYBELLINE's clear smooth concealor stick in the shade 02 natural. It is actually my very first concealer stick. Because all of this time I just feel like I do not need to use it, but now heh. My dark circles are getting a little intense and my pimples, and the lady actually said that buy 1 get the 2nd one half priced off any product. Well so I got the liner and concealer stick. Not sure about the formula but I heard it worked pretty well too.

Lastly this sheet masks. I actually saw it on the Watson's web and I see many wonderful reviews about the masks. There are so many range so I only took 3 boxes with each has 5 sheets of masks. Have not personally tried it yet but I will soon, and I will tell you guys soon!

The rest of the things I got are just junk food. Chocolates and Skittles.

Hope you like this post! Come stop by my blog soon alright!

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Thursday, 22 May 2014


So for most of you who are really curious if I really did chop off my hair, yes I did, just the back have some that are alittle more longer. And usually if I tie up my hair, my hair looks longer than usual. Not sure why! But I am pretty sure that I look younger and more refreshed. I am still pretty impressed with this hair style and not sure if anyone could feel the same as me. Just I met new people this week and they asked if I am 12.

Honestly I am pretty tired because I am super busy this week. Not joking when I say I am super busy but I am. CCA, Shooting, School and everything are going and going and going and going. Coming back home super late, honestly I have been sleeping at 9 or 10. Early like no one is kicking me to actually do shits.

And yes! I got my new shoes, wondering if you guys would like to see a FULL BLOWN shoe collection.

Honestly I really have nothing to share with you guys so I am going to spam this post with loads of pictures!

Do tell me if I should shoot a shoe collection!

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Saturday, 17 May 2014

To those people...

"To those people, who never believed in you.

To those people, who decided to leave you.

To those people, who left you all alone.

To those people, who thinks the world revolves around them.

To those people, who thinks just because they are older.

To those people, who will just never understand.

To those people, who feel inferior.

To those people, who despise.

To those people, who try to suffer all the pain alone.

To those people, who has no one to turn to.

To those people, who felt like the world is against them.

To those people, who never tried to feel.

To those people, who failed their studies.

To those people, who thinks that they are a failure.

To those people, who has constant sad thoughts going through their brain uncontrollably in the middle of the night, shocked up, woke up and start to cry because you realised that all of what happened was just a lie.

I know.



Isn't life just all a lie, from the moment I wake up from the bed. I must lose myself and begin to act.

Isn't THIS CENTURY life, to just be what the society wants us to be.

I feel like everyone, or at least what I have observed on the internet, on twitter, on instagram. Let me tell you what I see, I see pictures of self destruction. I see pictures of people cutting. I see pictures of people depressed. I see pictures of people unhappy at the age of 11. I see pictures of words that hurts within the inside, that you secretly know it is the sad truth.

I was born in the year 1999, I was the last batch of the 90s kids. If you say, one year does not make such big difference, I am sorry but to slam it on your face that NO, it has a HUGE difference. Many of our education system changed ever since the 20s start, the way of teaching starts to change, the attitude starts to change. I guess there are parents who are actually scared of their kids rather than the usual opposite manner. Of course I cannot say that 2000s kids are terrible and disgusting because I was never part of them to understand the " new culture ".

People nowadays, even primary school kids are trying to slash themselves, why? Because its cool? If you have this mentally sick mind, please change immediately because if you cut to fit it, you are with the wrong bunch of people in your life. You need to stay away from them.

The other thing I want to touch on is, results doesn't determine on what a person you are. You are beautiful, if your heart is beautiful. I do not have perfect grades so I can say this on my stand, I have subjects that fails, I have borderline passes, I have some subjects where I ace. I believe you too, maybe you are just another person who have more of a creative mind. Use your good points to keep a drive. There are times where you studied really hard but your grades are still being a bad boy, it is okay. Because YOU know what you have put into to achieve this. Another way I would say, we are all on a scale where we are constantly measured by the numbers that shows up on our report card.

It is a sad truth that nobody can change. So we have to just learn to adapt.

A side note, what the teacher says might hurt. I know, I am from the last class. Teachers like to make comparison that " your results are worse than the last class. "  Honestly, they do not know where it hurts because, are we that bad that we are in the last class? Some people chose to come into the class because it is the only class that offers the 3 different elective.

This day I overheard this girl's conversation with her classmate, " I feel so devastated... I only got a 70 marks for my Science. " ER, hello, I would be happy to just get a pass. I swear if I hear this type of sh*ts again I will be on fire.

Because nowadays, you are either having examinations or already receiving your results. So I want to make it clear that, your grades does not define who you are. I love you, because that it the real you.

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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Kissable or nay.

WARNING, some pictures may be graphic..........

Do you have that day where your lipstick just seriously feel so disgusting and so rocky.

I have, my lips actually crack really easily and I feel really sorry for my lips.

It's not that I do not drink water or stay hydrated because I drink a lot of water, you won't know it.

But now! I am so glad I found a solution for this problem now I am going to share with you!

Good things are meant to be shared.

As you can see, my lips are cracking like some volcanoes eruptions.

So firstly, take your vaseline, and put it all over your lips. Be really generous with it so your lips will be more moisturized. If you do not have it, you may use honey as well.

Next, take some sugar, I would recommend using bigger ones. I have this packed sugar and so I pour it to the small bowl.

Then stick it up on your lips and set it for 5-7 minutes.

After that, go to your basin and start massaging your lips in circular motions. Some sugar may fall off so remember to clear it off later on.

And just wash the rest with warm water and.....

YOU ARE DONE. You have your clean and smooth canvas for your lipstick.

Now you know the secret to soft and kissable lips. What are you waiting for?

ig: @nsnceline

Monday, 12 May 2014

Interesante humans?

What a crazily hot afternoon. But I am in a good shape and good mood now because EXAM IS OUT. You know that feeling when your exam stress is released and a severe headache just comes in and attack you ? I kind of suffer from that now, my head just hurt a lot. Not sure if it's the weather, curse this.

Nevertheless, marking the end of examinations means the awaiting of the results, make me feel kind of really anxious because I know I did not put in all my effort. Well, I did... at first, just me for getting lazy and piled work after that. I am a lazy person as you can see. Maybe I have the hardworking face?

Recently I have been thinking of really weird thinking about how certain things are so fragile and so easily broken. Especially that mini you living inside of you. That mini you overpowers you if you let it go haywire. Honestly we all know it exist, we all know we must control and surpass certain feelings, to be calm and cooling-ly react to certain circumstances. If you wonder how this mini me works?  It can lead you to different places in life. If you keep it happy and positive, it will eventually lead you to a really rad and a place filled with joy and laughter. If you keep it sad, you will just end up being depressed and hate everything beautiful in your life, and even resort to hurting yourself.

I hate all insects, mosquitoes , ants, flies, beetles, I HATE ALL OF THEM. Although I really rarely find something interesting, I find humans interesting on how they can go back on their words and do things to hurt their own species because I never seen any animal nor insect go back against their own kind. Maybe that's why people say  " Animals die faster because they have already learnt how to be loyal, kind, love at the same time, humans just take longer. " I totally understand why.

Who knows what might happen in the nearest future, maybe the next second after you read this blog post what will happen. I just get more and more upset typing this blog post as I feel the lack within us. There is so many things we can be doing outside now, but there is just that handfull of people who just need to get a life. I do not give exceptions to anyone because you, you who are reading this, what are you suppose to do now instead? Or after?

JUST YEAH, do not want to talk about upsetting society. Last Friday was Jenn Im's Singapore last minute meet and greet and I BLOODY SAW THE REAL HER. OH MY GOSH. I cannot say how taken aback, how much I love her. I still remembered the time where I stumbled over her channel on youtube, she had about 450,000 subscribers. She was the first youtuber I came across that does fashion on the net. I was just so whoomed and swooshed and the tingling feeling when I saw her, imagine HOW MUCH I ADORE HER. It is seriously the most huffed up thing that I didn't managed to take a picture with her because I WAS LITERALLY 1 PERSON AWAY FROM HER OKAY.  I swear I cried after she left because I was so close but I am still really glad that I saw her. Literally, she made my month or rather my year. I never even dream of her coming Singapore because it is so rare that famous youtuber comes to Singapore. I love you Jenn. OH YA, she commented on my picture which made me really happy and appreciated. <:

Thats about all for now, I will come back soon.

ig: @nsnceline

Friday, 9 May 2014

Mother's Day?

It's that special day for the women who loved you even when she doesn't know who you were inside of her. The person who loved you unconditionally, continuously even you did something bad. Your mother.

So, Mothers Day is just next week, it's on the 13th on May if you guys did not know! Hence, I did this blog post to hopefully inspire you to get something for your mother.

My tradition among me and my siblings are that, every alternate year we buy a necklace or charm for my mother, so apparently this is the year where it's going to happen, not sure if we are going to do it or what but pray we did, rarely have time altogether because my brother now serves the army and just rarely see him nowadays.

So firstly a disclaimer, NO ONE PAID ME TO DO THIS. All of the items were bought with my money.


Pandora, yes you guys know the recent craziness over Pandora bracelets, and their exquisite charms that each on holds a different meaning behind it. I guess the unique feeling of the bracelet came out new and fresh so it's pretty much an attraction for many people. This is what my dad bought for me, out of the blue, but yes, my family women, or girls each has one Pandora bracelet. Though we have different series charms. So yes, if your mother has Pandora bracelet already, you can obviously buy a charm for her so she can add on to her collection!

Just a necklace, it can be expensive or not does not matter. There are so many different shop selling different type of necklace and designs. Although it is a little risky because you will never know what type of design and pattern she likes. BUT fear not, because if you buy from shops like Citigems, SK, they have this refund policy where you can go change for a different design so it's all good!

Maybe you can go for the cheaper alternative by getting your mom her favourite dessert! Of course you can get some cake mix from your local grocery shop.

Who doesn't love chocolates, chocolates is a women's best friend of course. I got this strawberry and oreo kitkats at Japan. I am not sure if Singapore sells this but it taste super awesome like some holy ring. I believe any strawberry lovers will do this. Awesome!

I believe all mother's should be pampered like this. I saw this really cute mask at tonymoly and I just had to get it. No matter what they work as, coming back late or housewife. They are the person who knows everything. I was told that parents were all controlled by a universal remote. as girls as women we all love products like this. Sometimes Its the little thought that counts.

There is endless presents you can give. but the best gift will definately be your time, and interaction with them means the most to them.

Spend time with them like you want to because, it definitely meant something to them.

How long have you not said I love you mom, goodnight sweet dreams? Do it.