Saturday, 28 June 2014

Pokemon Dreams

So I had this really weird dream, I dreamt that I was in a pokemon world. I own Pikachu and a lion type of thing. We were fighting Team rocket, and just all of a sudden, I became part of the team rocket. Then we moved to the jungle and I died. I totally didn't realise it was a dream until I woke up. Is this because I want to be part of the poke world or...... story remains unknown.

BUT HI GUYS, I realised I have not been updating you about my real life, but well actually I do, but in a deeper way, can't help it. So for the whole last week of June Holidays, I had to attend this course for Consumer Research course for my Design subject in school. Honestly, it ate up the rest of my holidays, it SUCKED to the maximum. It wasn't a half day thing, it was 9am-5pm DAILY FROM MONDAY TO FRIDAY. You guys going to be like, Oh celine why didn't you skip it then? There is actually a minimum 80% attendance, and if I did not reach the minimum, I will have to pay the course with full amount, which is about $400. That was crazy so I went.

This course wasn't that beneficial yet because I have yet to imply the skills onto my work or anything. This course made me feel like I am a bad person because I could not understand certain things. I have a friendship barrier within my heart now. I really have, because some things happened and I just didn't want to share. But I guess I will be fine with time, letting the issue fade away as time goes by is by far the best idea I have in mind.

As you guys know, I wasn't often this sad. I keep posting saddening entries on my blog too, just ranting everywhere, hoping to find a shoulder that cares... Its really hard, I even question myself if I placed my trust and love on the correct person.

Enough of all this. Well, I have lots of pictures during AEM, the quality some are quite bad so yeah, pardon your eyes.

my hamster leader

Today, I am going to perform at Singapore's New Sports Hub with the other schools and SCO, singapore chinese orchestra. I haven't seen my juniors in awhile so, I have a lot to tell them and I cannot wait to experience the whole real thing by myself. I was just driven away by the huge hall. Lets hope it will be filled by tonight. I will bring my camera along, because NO MORE LOW QUALITY PICTURES I SAID TO MYSELF.

So yeah.. that it just basically what happened this whole week. Nothing surprising or new, or maybe there are. Just wait patiently guys... until I am comfortable enough to share, please be patient with me.

I love you all, thanks for reading all of this crap.

Quick shout out to Alexi for fetching me home and comforting me when I was at my worse.

and my brother who graduated from his special cadet course!

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Wednesday, 25 June 2014


It has been long since I felt so helpless. It is so personal that I don't think I can even share it here, although all of you, I am not sure who, but this blog gave me a lot of reasons to smile. It gave me so many opportunities to be myself.

It really has been long since I would even want to share my unhappiness. But I just do not know what will happen if all of this just stays inside of my heart.

Seeing someone you genuinely think that you know, turning into something you have never known, is really scary. My heart felt like it was torn into pieces, when I saw I that I was a sacrifice. So I was nothing?

If leaving you was the only choice I can take, I will leave, because what is the point of staying if nothing is going to make you happy anymore? I am human, I am selfish, I want to be happy, I hate being upset, I hate being driven all the way to the side of the wall and have nowhere else to go.

If leaving you will make both me and you happy, I will do it.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

douleur ; pain

If you do not even love yourself, how do you expect others to love you like you want them to?

People change, and the biggest culprit for changing is pain.

Pain plays a big part of why people change. They give them an emotional impact leaving scars, eventually even leading to depression and even self-destruction.

But there are definitely other factors that affects people, causing them to change as time goes by. It can be peer pressure, society ( as usual ), puberty, families blah blah blah we all know that.

Teenagers nowadays tend to think that they are not good enough. Because we all have different types of problems, and when we face problems, our first instinct is always to back out. Feel useless. Because we can't feel secure of a place in life anymore.

Not talking about other countries, Singapore has one of the highest teen suicide rates. I actually told this to my mother, and she can actually tell me it is fake. When I showed her some data, she still does not really buy the truth. Because Singapore is a " happy " place.

Some people, or I would say, many people out there resort to "cutting", "ED" - eating disorder. Just because they felt like they did not fit it. Let me tell you the sad truth, yes there are people actually doing that. I am sorry, I don't feel your pain at all. I am upset at how people think  they have nowhere to fit and think that pain over pain could resolve their problems.

I, Celine Ng Shi Ni, hereby tell you that. You cut, for what sort of reason? To take away the "pain" you are enduring? Comon, if you can actually come up with a blade, you are fortunate enough in this world. I wrote an entry called" 2 seconds worth" talking about how much we should appreciate our things because there are people outside where you cannot see. Suffering, because of daily hunger, malnutrition and everything. And they have better determination in living, then you. Can you see what I am drilling at?

You have everything you need in life, you have that special something inside of you. EVERYONE has this special something, that is what made you a human. Which made up all the values you have inside of you. Which made it extra special because you are an original thing where no one can change you unless you want to end up a copy.

If you constantly have bad thoughts in your mind, what can you expect to come to you? Beds of roses where there will be angel's secretly looking after you? Even Angels get tired, so you need to buck up yourself too. Talking about Angels getting tired, we humans are selfish fucks so we can choose not to even care about you, because why would I want to stay around negativity everyday when I can be happy?

Say I am mean to say that but, touch your heart and ask yourself whether if it is true. And all of this, relates to self-worth. You have to have those constant reminders that you are wonderful, because humans are born to enjoy happiness, love and anything powerful that triggers you to smile.

If you are constantly thinking that you are no one, you are no one. If you are constantly thinking  about the dark side of life, you are obviously going to be upset all the time. If you are constantly thinking that you are useless, you are then. Because this is the route you chose, no one could force you to go up to a trail that you dislike, because we all have a mind our own. Change.

Betrayal? You count him/her as a friend? Forget about them, because they are not worth. Happiness is the best revenge. Remember my favourite quote? If you have not read it, it is at the side bar. I just want to emphasis that..

NO one can take away your happiness except for yourself. Get it baby?

I have a poem I wrote, or maybe not a poem just a few words to remind yourself. This is how it goes

" As blood streams down the beautiful skin I once had.
As the pain electrify down my spine.
As the scars begin to form.
As your reflexes starts to realise.
As your heartbeat starts to slow down....
What have I done?...
-Celine Ng "

Love yourself first. Always remember.

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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Leather Slouch

So I have an outfit to share, this is what I wore last friday. If you follow me on instagram you would have most likely saw this outfit already.

Leather Slouch

Top : bangkok
Bottoms: F21
Shoes: Cream high top converse
Cardigan: topshop
Bag: MK

This is honestly deep in my comfort zone. It is so comfortable and relaxed. I love how the cardigan give it an extra slouch to the whole look. The maroon top I am wearing has some textured pattern to it hence it looks amazing when it is paired with a different type of material, leather. I love how the contradicting pieces can come to a bomb and create something amazing. Just like humans, 2 different people click the best because they fill up each other's flaws and less.

So, talking about my bag, it is a hella expensive bag. Whenever I hold this bag out, there will be woman looking down at my bag and looking up to check my face, judging if the bag is real. Sorry to say but, if you ever see brands on my items, it is real. Because it will be really awkward if someone realised that your bag or wallet was a copy. I will never take it out, if it is not authentic.

And, recently I have been seeing girls thinking that everyone else is better than them, slice their hands to release the pain they are having. I am sorry but I am not sorry for you, nor I am going to help you. Because for you to take up that piece of cutter to do it. I just, can't. I am sorry but you are beautiful, remember.

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Friday, 20 June 2014

what guys love to see girls wear

Girls, this is your lucky day. I am going to tell you..


I am a girl, but hey, I do have guy friends. I asked some of them and the survey is out. Curious? Continue reading.

As a girl, we always get insecure about what we are going to wear out and stuff like this blah blah blah, we all get this already but HOW to dress to impress someone, or whoever you might want to impress.

First off, being lazy is not a choice. If you are lazy to even wash up, girl you got some serious problem over there. Make sure you have proper hygiene if not it will definitely be a turn off.Well, that basic right. If a guy turns up without showering, what will you be thinking? It's the same, so keep it that way, you want that, you have to do it first.

Second off, I am not pressurizing any girls to put on makeup just because you read this blog post or anything. But neatly groomed eyebrows and less discolouration will be a plus. So you look more alert and more proper. NOT SAYING YOU HAVE TO PUT ON CRAZY AMOUNT OF MAKEUP. Maybe a little lip gloss if you would like. Try to avoid using shiny lipsticks or lipgloss, it may look a little... yeah you know. When he wants to kiss you.

Third, always be yourself. Of course, if you are a slob, comon girl if you want to impress, change it because being a slob is definitely a choice. Put some effort, you are beautiful.

SO, What does guys generally like girls to wear?

1st. Dresses

I get this a lot. Not sure why but for today I am going to throw away my female hormones and try to be in the guy's opinion. When a girl wears a dress, it shows off the feminine part of them. The dress will hug you at the right place giving you some figure while not showing everything out. It is a really tasteful type of thing. Dresses can make some girls look extremely good because it kind of expresses cuteness yet sexiness due to the fact that some dresses are shorter. There are many type of dresses so, it is really up to what type of dresses.

cr: owner

Some guys like the really classic black dresses, some love cute little floral dresses, while some like long elegant maxi dresses. Every guy varies but honestly dresses make your body type look flattering.

2nd, Jeans.

cr: owner

I personally hate jeans a lot but. Jeans is a very typical casual type of outfit many girls can pull off, but those who can pull it off perfectly. It shows off the best booty shape you have. this is most likely the reason why many guys actually enjoy seeing their girls with jeans. Jeans is so easy to pair with and the most popular one is, jeans and singlet. After a cover up on the legs, there will be a bitter sweet taste seeing your shoulders.

cr: owner

Some girls may not be comfortable showing off your shoulders. of course you can wear like a cardigan or jacket to cover a little. Let it hang a little loose so when the wind hits it, amazing sight.

3rd, his sweater.

Let get real here, every guy will want his girl to be real proper, feminine, graceful, but also comfortable and fun. Wearing his sweater or hoodie can make him feel like you are a fun person and also make him feel that he is much closer to you. Oh ya girls, have a signature perfume or detergent, or rather every girl have their own type of smell. Wearing their hoodies can make it smell like you. He will love it till death I guess.
Guys often want a girl that can be real fun with you both are together. Wearing his clothing can also make him feel more comfortable seeing you.

4th, go natural.

cr: beautifymeeh

As much as they like this, men in general are visual animals. They see and they wonder, I mean both sex judge by the looks first but if you want to attract and capture their attention at first sight. Like I said, grooming eyebrows can make a huge difference because it frames your eyes and make it look more alert and happier and sometimes make it sexier.

Wearing a pinkish lipstick can trick people into thinking you have pouter lips. Red lipstick often shows power so, I do not recommend that, although some guys think it is sexy to have matt red lip, to show confidence and expressiveness. As long you are comfortable,do it.


End... not sure if accurate but, let's hope it did help somebody out there to boost some mental disclosures.

Guys, if you are reading this, tell me how true this is! email, text, twitter, instagram. I want to hear your opinions too!

Thank you for reading, hope you guys like this type of post. Because honestly, it was fun doing this post.

love you~
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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Airplane flew

Don't you hate it when you are so excited to go out and realise the other part couldn't make it anymore?

Like this fly aeroplane, if you don't know what fly Aeroplane is, basically just someone who ditch you on a date or outing. 

SUCKS. I prepared for nothing so I just took some photos.

I know the new header is not that pretty, well, it is just a temporary one for now because I am so sick of the previous one. 

Took this photos just awhile ago.

So, this is the outfit.

Top: bangkok
Skorts: Nastygal
Jacket: Miyoc
Lips: Revlon Siren.

This top is kind of haltered but kind of not. I think the sexiest part of a female body is their shoulders and so this top kind of show the shoulders off. At the bottom of the top, there is actually lace patterns and made me want to pair it with something white, hence I wore this. So it kind of flows down nicely into one piece. And I layered on a baseball jacket to make the outfit look cuter and more sporty. I was going to wear some white sandels together with this anyways.


Wednesday, 18 June 2014


So I have a lot of clothes I actually want to clear up.
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Monday, 16 June 2014

Bangkok City + VLOG!

Just back from the whole wind whirls in Bangkok and yes, I am back home right now, its 3.08am at this moment. Dying to edit my vlogs and trying to consolidate all the pictures and recall what I have done for the past 4 days.

Honestly, I did nothing except for walking around, shopping. Not sight seeing or anything like that because Bangkok is my paradise. Because there are some shops which I personally go EVERY SINGLE TIME I am in BKK. They sell really unique things. As you guys know I am really late for trends and not up for them because I don't feel a need to.

I bought a few tie dye shirt. I thought I would be really cute to just wear them around with some shorts. While I had the best buy along the streets where they sell BLAZERS. okay, okay blazers. You must be like must be more than $30. Even if it is $30 it is considered cheap BUT it only cost $4, hold up. Honestly, I would just buy 10 of those. the rest are for later.

SO, my OOTDs. All taken by my dearest father, he make me look tall idk.

Day 1: circle circle dot dot

I am wearing this dress from bangkok. I cut off the sleeves.

Shoes: cream converse
Hoodie: BFs, H&M
Necklace: tiff&co

This outfit makes flight pleasant yet presentable. I always love wearing dresses to sleep because it is so comfortable wearing them to bed. Really, not a joke. The converse is getting dirty, which I really like, as it ages and get dirt, the more it looks amazing. Something about clean converse.... no.


Day 2: Feminine Sweat

Top: Scape
Bottoms: Thailand
Shoes: converse
Shades: H&M

So, the pants was bought on the first day and I washed it in the hotel and wore it the next day. I know I was going to walk a whole load that day and want to get comfortable, and feel okay. I do not want to wear something so tight that I might feel insecure about but, this is not in my comfort zone too. Just as I think, I have short legs so I tend to avoid long pants and anyho, I go all out because, No one will judge me there anyways.


Day 3: Orange Pop

Top: thailand
Pants: idk..
Shoes: Slippers

I actually  went to a super hot place, outdoor, thats why I am floating into the FBT type of shorts but denim which made it extra cute and amazing. This outfit is something I would wear if I was going to lay around once I reach my destination.


Day 4: Classy length

Dress: killer pies
Hoodie: H&M
Shoes: new ones I bought from bkk
Necklace: tiff&co

This is the outfit, I always wanted to try, but too afraid to try. Because I do not have a perfect figure, I am afraid someone will actually judge me. So I tried there first, it turns out to be an attention piece. I received compliments even from other tourist from Europe.  I was really gald. But this is something I would wear to the town in sg.


when we are there, Father's Day hit us like a rocking mountain. But whatsoever, allow me to realise how much he worked hard to make sure we are not hungry and get what we desire. Especially when we are not in Singapore. He display the role of a father, even stronger. To protect us and make sure we are safe, to make sure we are together and not seperated, plan meals. All of that are just simple examples for Parenting, he did well. I am a princess, which made him a King.

This trip inspired me a lot to just be myself. Why? I have been trying out different styles of fashion over there. Things that are directly out of my comfort zone. Why did I chose there? People don't know me there, so I have the freedom to try out new things and not get judged like some low life people here. Thinking that they have the best fashion in the world. Well, the best fashion in the world, is your original brand. You are original, why down-grade yourself to a 2nd class item?

And what I realise about Thai Girl's fashion is that, they love colourful things just because all their uniforms are black and white so they would prefer to wear coloured items, that is what I conclude but they wear them boldly. Non of the girls would go out without putting on a good makeup. Because why not look hot as eff?

I swear my red lips are so addictive and nice. If you are confident enough, wear a bold lip. It is going to make you shine through others just because YOU DARE. For the guys, wear any thing, be yourself, because that is where you become attractive towards others.


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