Sunday, 31 August 2014

overrated felicità

As many of you guys know, yeap, I got the Samung camera.

I had been eyeing on it ever since the launch, well, I finally decided to splurge on it. Definitely  going to be using it pretty often I guess. It is slim and pretty, well, everyone will want it.
So yeap, yesterday I went to Punggol to celebrate my grandmother's birthday. It is pretty much a fun day.

I have been trying to keep sometime for my studying as well as balanced friendship bonding time and of course family time! There will be exploding amount of photos since I brought my camera out, for the first time I brought it out. Pretty much awesome and it feels like an accessory more than a camera. Pretty handy.

Flatter Pink

Top and Bottom: Bangkok
Shoes: All star
Necklace: Tiff and CO

Well, I am not much of a pink pink person, or rather I am just always black, white or grey. Just another day when I feel like wearing some colours and feel like a normal girl who would wear pink. It was weird for me honestly, but I really love how it makes me feel happy just by wearing it. The "my little pony" crop top was just a serious yes, not sure how many times I wore it to sleep but, it is the first time I am wearing that out. I was just afraid. Pink skorts was a yes, looks like a skirt but its pants, perfect for a girl like me who often forget about posture.
Should I wear this type of clothing more often?

To me, every Saturday or Sunday, I would rather spend time with my family than anyone else. Since, they made Sunday a " family day" I wonder how many people actually still do this, spend quality time with your parents and siblings. I do think that a strong bonded family needs to have effective communication between each other. I know that everyone has something to be busy about, but you can always just give 1 or 2 hours to just chat about what is going on in your life, update them about events that happen, or maybe just something funny that happened. But most people, just take them forgranted.

More pictures.

and yeap, no face products except for brows. 

I will post more from now on, alright? provided I could have some time to type and edit. I love you all.

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Monday, 25 August 2014

focal point

Sorry for a haitus. There is just too much happenings at once, I couldn't take it all.

Happiness has died, she no longer live inside of me. And do not comment if you never gone through what I have been through so keep your mouth tight.

Being hated online wasn't a surprising thing for me, but well, if someone drags my family into it, it becomes a concern to me. Whoever you are, honestly curse you. No one curse someone's family like this, like you do. Heartless like fuck, like what in the world my parents did wrongly in life to get me to this world. Well, at least to do someone better than you. I will not hold back if I know who you are, either you come and confront me, or when I find you.. you better know how to apologise.

When it comes to misunderstandings, there is many view points. Usually there will be 2, well, most people will choose to stand on one side, some are neutral and wait to be convince to one side. Conflicts occur when information are not transported properly from one source to another, well we cannot blame. As humans, we are all small-hearted when we hear people talk about us. So, we often get defensive and retaliate even when we do not really mean to hurt.

Being involved in a conflict, usually only happen between 2 small groups or 2 individuals. Usually, if the problem is really big, someone must have called for "help". Well, I get it, human, we say our piece and not care about the other side. But some words are unnecessary for you to say, or I would even phrase it as, not even your business.

Conflicts can only be solved when the 2 initials have done their part in talking their piece. When we hear the other side of the story, "pathetic" "lies" "bullshit" often walk pass our mind. Well, because we already have a definite answer in what we believe in. As reckless teenagers, we often do not think before we act, because our fingers works faster than our brain could process.

We fell under a spell called "stupidity". Since no one actually wants to clear things out. No one bothered to even know what exactly happened before commenting or get involved. Hearing one side of the story and judging base on one side is just plain stupid.
Don't act innocent like you do not know anything.

Well, things will eventually come to an end. Forgiving is not a painful choice, well, being someone that will still exist in life. But sorry, I better draw a clear line and never get involve in whatever shit you are in. I am so scared that my family will get dragged in again and my life get fucked up by you again.

And do not judge my friend like this, you do not know her well enough to let alone say anything about her.

Pardon all of the vulgars, but this is the last time I will bring this issue up. bye.

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Sunday, 17 August 2014

How to get over someone

Have you ever have mornings when you just what to eat pancakes so badly...?

I'm sorry, that is not the point but it just something. I want to share about advices that I would give to forget someone who might have hurt you in the past.

Memories are the worst. When you think you have forgotten about the person, and that something just remind you about him or her. It is the worst, isn' it?

Suck up your tears boys and girls, everything happened for a good reason.


First, I am going to start with the most mainstream advice anyone would give, widen your social circle.

Don't confide sadness within yourself, be it your best friend or boyfriend or girlfriend left you. I used to think I only have them but now I realised that I have more than that, I have a circle of people which I left out when I am with them. Find people who might understand your pain, or might have been through the same type of pain. Talk to people, about what you feel, not necessarily be a human, but just somebody. You will find some inner peace and some burden lessen within your heart.

Secondly, this is just my personal favourite. Write a letter to yourself.

Writing down all the upsetting things you have been through. Writing all the sadness away. Writing actually make some people even worse since you re-think of all the beautiful memories you might have. To me, that will be the last time I will ever think of them, promise yourself that, since you think that there is no more space for you to even contain that person in your life. Keep or burn that paper at all means, I chose to burnt mine. Beautiful memories can stay, but sadness shall be gone my dear.

Thirdly, love yourself.

Go do some shopping, buy some new clothes and makeup. Hell yeah, go for a facial, what is the big deal of not having that boy? or girl. I mean like, you deserve so much better after they let go of you. You are going to be more beautiful and handsome and do anything you want in life and shine. But I am not saying don't study, no, study and play time has a small line. Well, we all deserve that small break in between, especially when we are alone. Alone so what? I am like super happy when I am alone recently, there is the non-stop craziness going on my life now, I crave peace, weird right?

Fourth, leave the past.

Things happens for a reason, he or she leaving you is one too. Stop cramping yourself in the past, asking why can't this last, why promises, why this why that. It is over my friend, why hold on to something that will never turn back for you anymore? Quit wasting the time you could be spending on something more meaningful in life. I know many people that got trapped in the past, struggling to get past. That moment, you might feel like you will never get over, but yknow, you might not forget but it will fade, slowly fade away. Time is your bestfriend, it just gets your pain soften.

Number 5, go to a place and cry.

yeah, I am asking you to cry. Crying helps us release pain and tension, physically and mentally. What you are experiencing a bunch of pain at once, and you just didn't think that it might happen so your heart and mind couldn't take it. Being upset is normal, let it all out will make yourself feel better, but honestly, don't do it too often since it is going to hurt, even more worst if you keep on crying over the same thing. No point crying over spilt milk, why not get another glass?

Lastly, never get work up by another person's words.

I bet there will be so many nasty thing going around. Learn how to not listen to other's opinion, or rather do not take them to heart. Everyone wants to be the victim, you see. So, just learn to ignore their words, don't give a damn, focus on those who are really important in your life, release the inner devil. But stay cool, do not go on a rampage and be like "NOOOOOOOO" but stay cool.

Yeah, that is all you need. Doesn't matter if they are once there. Since they chose to be gone, someone will be replacing that spot soon enough.

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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Fell Hell

Taking pictures has been quite a active thing now. Didn't share many, but since now I have the time and I placed some effort into taking them. I am not a professional or anything.

Things you might see around the house, or even see them anywhere.

ALL pictures here are taken by me.

Tell me how you feel?

new vlog because I am bored!