Saturday, 27 September 2014

Celine's Exam Tips (?)

It is midweek and examinations are coming for us. How stressful is it? But all I have to do now is just hold on and just work hard for the exams, it will be paid off, I suppose. Don't you hate it when you really studied for a test or exam but you get back crappy results, dang it stings.

So, recently I have been really a lot less active than I was during June or last year, I am not exercising or working out on a basis. It kind of struck me as I was strolling through youtube and seeing blogilates have so many new workout videos. So yeah, definitely going to pump up my life again with some sweat and push myself to the next level.

Only 3 months left to 2015. Time passes really fast don't it? I remember the times where I would just constantly waste my time around school, slacking, making a fool out of myself in public but now? 

Just a blink of an eye and I will be 16. Up and ready for O-levels and graduation. Honestly, I still haven't changed the thought of "quickly" get out of secondary school, since okay, even though secondary school provided me a lot of small lessons I need in my life to be strong and know how the society would be like. I really can't wait to have more freedom and dress up more.

Remember doing my resolutions for 2014, and honestly, how many have I done? We will know at the end of the year. Honestly I haven't done much for the year and I do not think that I will complete every resolution. But I am going to try to complete it with the remaining time I have.

Honestly, I do not know what I am doing sometimes.


Okay, so I left this draft for longer than 2 weeks. I was busy I guess, and nothing really appeal me anyways. I am at this face of life where I will gain and lose weight like crazy, yknow why. Because the hell ( exams ) started.

My mind is just filled with " if I do not score on this, I literally fail in life." I have the determination. But I have this really bad habits during exam period. I eat alot when I am studying and anything other than studying I will not put anything into my mouth, till the extend I might even ditch food because I think it will make me forget points I need to remember during exams.

And, before exam starts, specifically that morning, I take in way too much sugary items. My energy level will sprout and immediately fall to the stress pit all over again. It is just a bad habit, but my advice to take some chocolates in the morning of the exams, it boost memory and make you more attentive for the paper.

Well, it is honestly just me. and, for those people who are having exams now. DO NOT BE TAKEN ABACK by those questions you don't even understand a single word. Just bomb the question, because, leaving a question blank is the worse decision you can ever make. NEVER EVER DO THAT.

Whats up with all those -- Celine's Exam Tip

Just yesterday, I attended the Dior makeup like a star program, well, they never failed me. Just the fact I am more into the "korean" type of makeup nowadays.

Disco Box

Top, bottom, shoes, necklace are all from overseas.

I do not know why did I even decide to wear outfit like this. I think the outfit brings a very fun spec with the colourful skirt and formal because of the structure. I feel really good when I wear like this, although this is definitely out of my comfort zone.

And the day wasn't that great, I had a minor fight with someone and felt sucky. BUT, I was saved by the ultimate red lipstick. Sorry, RED lipstick really has some crazy impact on my life at this point of my life. I feel like I gives me the strength I need.

Just a song that has been on reply: JJCC- bing bing bing

thanks for constantly reading my life. Nothing interesting but yeah, bless you. 

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Saturday, 20 September 2014

lately I've been losing sleep

Now, 3am, I am still wide awake. Not thinking about how to fall asleep but thinking about the things in life that could be changed if I didn't do certain things, but if you wonder if I do regret doing the things that brought me sadness.

The answer is NO. Since, right now I am happy and that is all that matters. Because people are too worried about what the future might be so we are not happy. People think way too much to be happy nowadays, no matter grades or friends or emotions or maybe even for the slightest mistake you might make.

You know, we are not bad people when we make wrong mistakes. People always misunderstand that, if that person makes a wrong decision in life they are bad. That is just a wrong conception we all heed. I don't deny that I do feel some people are bad, but maybe they are not as bad as I thought but well I should just hate on them since I don't care.

No, that is not the way. By hating on somebody, it angers you no matter what they do, honestly you are just wasting precious time being angry at someone who might have clearly been hurt.
In life, you are going to face backstabbers, bitches, cheaters, fall in and out of love. But baby, trust me, everyone in your life now is going through the exact same things as you. And NONONO, doesn't mean you don't see it, their life is perfect.

I get people telling me how my life is perfect, I get the cool parents I have alright grades AND as an Asian my parents are cool with it. I would say, I am really pretty lucky to have a blessed family who help each other. I do get things I want, almost everything. But people always want things they do not have, right? So try to appreciate the little things beside you.

Love your life and it will love you back. Just like, how you plant a seed and nuture it, it will eventually grow to become a strong tree. You are just like that seed, we all need that some person to prepare you to become the strong individuals that will stand for yourself. I can, so of course you can too.

If one day you put away those thoughts about limitations, you will realise how you already cross the border you have always set there. Remember, hopes and dreams have NO LIMITS.

so, dream big and do big. ;)

Good luck.

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Sunday, 14 September 2014

update wonders

Hello wonder wallies. So yeah, I realise I haven't really update you guys about what is going on with my life, what are the interesting things that happened, and just yeah, more pictures of food.

First of all, all of the late posts are all very sad and depressing. That's because I have been feeling that, that past maybe two to three weeks. I was on the verge of breaking down, so many things happen. I may or may not share what happened, but probably in the future it will become a "Story-Telling Time with Celine" or something! First, it was cyberbullying. Second, broken friendships. Thirdly, I was lost in a maze I set up myself.

It will be a very good learning lesson for me, and for you too. If you encounter those type of things in life too, please DO NOT give up on yourself because the better will come soon. You will be able to do well in life, excel and beat.. not that beat, but win, win that bitch who tried to bring you down. Always stay true to yourself, open you heart to opinions and learn to adapt changes.

OOTD: Velvet Blue

Top: forever 21
Bottom: bangkok
shoes: bangkok
necklace: a gift from my mom

The necklace isn't a necklace, it is something suppose to be placed like a headband, but I thought it will look cute and girly to just wear it on the neck anyways. This is my extreme comfort, but at the same time, very girly that sometimes I feel that I need to posture myself to be a little more feminine than I usually am. Ultra casual but extremely presentable and put together. And the skirt, is blue not black, it is shiny and soft.. gosh.

Secondly, I think most of you already know. I took a visit to Wild Honey. It is some sort of a breakfast place, they have this quote which I really liked "Our grandmothers were right when they told us breakfast is the most important meal..." It is indeed the most important meal out of the whole day. It provides energy to the brain and allow it to work more efficently.

Well, I called to make a reservation, since the place is usually very crowded, no matter what day. Thank god I reserve a place, if not, I might have to wait more than 30mins. It was only the second time I have been there, there was excellent service and of course, handsome waiters. Thinking back, WHY DIDN'T I TAKE A PICTURE WIT HIM. I would say the price is alright for the amount of food they give, for people like me, it is still a little expensive but it is really worth it.

Third, I really need to learn self-control when I walk into Sephora. I walked in, with only 1 intention of buying a eyebrow pencil, since the brown one I am using is almost done. I walked out with 1 eyebrow pencil, 3 lipsticks, 1 stila palette, and a cute cupcake lip moisturiser. Yeah... that is practically why I do not go into Sephora when I can. Because, I am absolute no control over the shop.

first world problems

I am going to do a beginner guide makeup though, for those who want to try out makeup, but have no idea where to start. Please look forward to the coming post, so I will be your "beauty guide". But all of those are just based on my own opinion, since everyone start with different things. Don't judge me!!!!!

My examinations are coming, I feel a little stress, but not enough to drive me crazy and make me study. Praying it will come soon, although I am currently forcing myself to study already, I probably need more time and concentration.

Last day of holiday, feels so fast. It is already evening time, and I am just chilling on my bed. Using my phone, listening to songs. And, since I did not get to do the last month's favourites, I will just put down some of the songs I have been listening to a lot recently!

That about it.... okay bye.

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Saturday, 13 September 2014

20 facts about Celine

Welcome to 20 facts about me! Celine's edition.

1. I was fascinated by death.
Don't you wonder how you will die someday? stabbed or drowned.

2. I have character in whatever I do, I do it my style, my way.
Because I do not believe in compromising techniques, if there are things I can do it myself, solo is the way.

3. I always thought that cutting wasn't the right way to "release" unhappiness.
Self harming gets you nowhere. You can never go wrong by just eating another tub of icecream, then seeing those blood.

4. I had bad thoughts about my life before, I have been there before.
That moments were times I never want to go back again. never again.

5. I am not afraid of anything unless it regards my family, they are my weakness.
I will protect them till i die.

6. I like icy cold stuff, no matter weather or food, I love them all.
That explains why I am the Ice Empress. And, some people like to say my personality is cold as well.

7. I have a brother and a sister. Youngest in the family.
Yes, I am that spoilt brat. That annoying lil sister you will pray not to have.

8. I love Sora. Because they never left me, since the beginning.
No words for them.

9. I think it's dumb to create hate, when you can love.
People are treating hate like a game. It hurts whether to hate or being hate. Trust me, it is not going to get you anywhere in life.

10. I am bad at catching fashion trends, it does hit me that quickly.
I only have mood dressings, I wear whatever I want to wear.

11. Dark/Red lip > Pink/Nude lip
bad girl, forever.

12. I can spend hours reading, watching animes, or see the runway models.
The book I am reading now is, the sea of monsters. Anime is Is this a Zombie? total comedy and action. The most recent runway show I watched was Tony Burch's new fall collection. The first real runway show I watched was at the Singapore Mall, they had this mini fashion show.

13. I like unique things.
Or weird.

14. I like it when I could feel people's sincerity and love.
Letters or pointless surprises.

15. I think the least, surprisingly, when it rains.
The rain acts as a slow calmer. Like a burning candle.

16. Fuck betrayers.
Well, do I need to explain this

17. I used to have a hobby of collecting price tags, I still have them though.
I have loads of cute one.

18. I am Celine, 15.
19. I wished I had longer legs.
My legs are short, my body proportion sucks.

20. I am fighting the demons.
never give up on your life, pick up your sword and fight till the end.

Well, thats all!! I hope you liked this type of post. Well, you might know a little more about me.

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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Beauty Standards

I know I know, I have been really inactive on my blog this past weeks, not mainly because I have nothing to talk about, but more of like, there is so many things happening and my soul just needs a little break from all that jazz, but well, I have came back. To this little world of mine, there is like, the new trend of #20facts about me, I have been tagged by so many people. Should I do it?

Today I am going to touch on Asian Beauty Standard.

What do Asians consider pretty? How does it differ from the Western?

Is it reasonable? Pain striking?

I have this friend, let just name her Mary here, in "traditional standard", she is beautiful. Her black long straight hair, boney hands and small thighs. She is one of the perfect standard for the usual "tumblr" - thinspiration. Even the thigh gaps, she got it, even without trying.

First things first, so what does Asian consider beautiful? Yes, black silky and certainly long hair, pale skin, big eyes, full lips and a thin figure. Not even skinny, but thin.

Because of such beauty standards set, there are so many girls out there struggling with eating disorders. Well, lets not get too deep into Anorexia and leave it for next time.

In the Chinese tradition, they often do not appreciate curvy woman, because they prefer woman that are thin and really thin, not even an average size 4 or 5, but size 0 or less. Well, I guess Asian just prefers cute and small little girls over sexy confident woman.

Even in popular cities, like Korea or Japan, they like to be more of the "cutesy" girl, rather than the one that doesn't follow the "trend".

As you can see, the definition of beauty is so fucking twisted.

I cannot stand seeing girls claiming that they are on a diet and ditch meals, just to stay skinny or the figure that majority of guys would accept. If a guys look up to you by your looks, oh god, that is just not the way it should be.

Another thing is, in traditional, chinese or just basically Asians. Girls are supposed to be "guai", which translate to being a good child. Some are even educated to speak softly, and never to raise their voice or even share opinions, because " the guy is the biggest".

People have this mental thinking that, us Asians should be thin since genetically we can't really be as curvy as a American.  So many damn girls, even girls my age, are doing extremes to get to the figure they feel like they lack of.

If so, why shouldn't we check if a guy has broad shoulders, or be muscular, or have perfect nose eyes and face. Oh, I forgot, because the guy pick the girls, and the girls doesn't have a choice. Traditionally.

Well, listen, you are beautiful. Size 0-12. You are amazing and you will always be.


Friday, 5 September 2014

How to be a good friend/maintain friendship?

People say, friends come and go. 

Well, I have to agree, but some outsiders take it as " got new friends and dump the older ones". Honestly, if you know me long enough, you will know how dearly I hold on to each and every friendship I have, I do whatever I could to salvage it, until I am finally tired and I will never try again.

There is a confusion about friendship ties nowadays. People whom we consider friends, people whom we place our trust into, or maybe people who we share secrets with.
There is just so much confusion about what is true friendship. Let me solve your mystery.
Is the people around you, whom you consider friends, consider you as one and treat you like one.

Firstly, the little reactions.

A friend will always be opened to hear opinions about you. Because, they will never want to stop knowing more about you. The way you act when you are upset, the way you smile, they way you look when you are about to cry. Are the little reactions a true friend must equip. As humans, we like to hide our emotions, but our reflexes moves faster than our brain would reaslise. Hence the way to find out someone's true feelings is through their actions, to be able to observe the little changes.

Secondly, to feel the gush of relief.

When you see that person's face, you immediately become more calm and relaxed. In a sense, they give you the feeling of protection. Because, you know no matter what happens, they will just be there for you, no matter over a phone call, or over a caring text message, or being physically there. The feeling of being relax around the person is one of the most important key point into known and knowing.

Third, and last, the ability to be yourself.

When you know you totally let your guard and heart walls is when, you be yourself. oh yes, I mean the horny talks, the explosive laughs, the craziness and the unglamness of  just wearing home clothes together. Talk about things like there is nothing else in the world that matters more. It could just be both sitting down, using the phone, not talking at all. But first, you will not feel awkward, nor you will even feel uncomfortable.


And now you know, how you would react to a true friendship. Now, I am going to tell you the password to maintaining a friendship.

Show appreciation

Every once in a while, for no reason, just buy him or her a gift or have an outing if it is a clique. Since you both have been together actively, I think there should be no problem having a treat from one another. Because it is really the little actions in life that brings people's souls linked.

Spend quality time together

Do stupid things, well I do not mean the bad way but I mean, fun and exciting things. Going out together and spending some time together will just create more memories between two people. Who knows what interesting things will happen when you both are out, when there is no parents no rules? AND NO MOM, if you are reading this, I behave myself when I am out.

Trust & care

In a rarity, share secrets, if you both promise there will be no lies in between, I believe the bond will be even stronger. Honestly, I have almost no secrets left, since most of them were leaked by someone, whom I thought I could place my trust. I had a hard time trying to fix myself up and bring up another courage to trust someone else again. So beware, with trust, comes with consequences, if you end up being hurt, it is alright, there will be someone else definitely willing to be your friend.

Like today, I spent amazing moments with my girls, they just came over to my place, we swam, we had real heart to heart talks. Well, girls talk. Memories are just created together just like this, we share opinions, ideas and circulate love.

Well, so are you a good friend? I bet you are.

Thanks for reading x

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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

expressway to smiling

I am sorry, but I am going to show a series of food, now. I realise I always do that, don't I?

So, I had a wonderful evening together with the Lancôme team for their new launch of products.

Black Mage

Top: I can't seem to rememeber
Shorts: forever 21
Jacket: Malaysia
Stockings: online
Shoes: wholesale7
Necklace: Bangkok

That is one long list, but yeah. The theme for the launch was black and gold. Honestly, I absolutely no problem with black, but gold? It is pretty tricky. So I took a chiffon shirt, yes it is a shirt just that it is long enough to be a dress, with the collar filled with golden beads. Honestly, I think it is a surprising touch to the whole outfit. I chose a black leather jacket over the soft girly chiffon material, to kind of toughen up the whole look, since it is just my style. The stockings was just for formality, and black booties to lengthen my legs. This outfit is one big yes from me, girly but yet strong.


The view at 4 season hotel was breathtaking. I was the only one at the balcony, so of course, there is different thoughts as I went out at 2 different timing. One was, when the sky was still bright and the other was the night view.

Let's start on the brighter time, evening time. I went out with a pure thought of capturing moments of buildings and scene. Thinking back, I was actually thinking about the future. Like, it made me had wonderful imagination about the place I might be living in the next 10 over years, Singapore, will become? Technology is improving, infrastructure is turning into a piece of art. I just feel like everything around me moving so quickly and I am just gaining more and more knowledge as time passes and losing some things for good.

For the dark scene, the view was stunning. But why do I feel sad? Not sure if it was because of the emptiness there, or I just had so many open scars left. The balcony was at the 20th storey high, and I actually had the thought, of jumping off from the unfenced plants. It might sound untrue, but how true was that. I stood really near to the transparent low railing, thinking what might happen if I lose my balance suddenly and fall off the building. Time was passing so quickly like I said, I did not have enough time to regain my strength when I fall and I had to surpress all my energy into another thing. You know what I mean?

The night sky is lonely.

But well, it has the moon and stars to accompany it, to make it brighter than it should be.

Is your life very happening, hectic and make you feel like you do not belong suddenly? Well, we are on the same boat then, but let's slowly hop off to the shore we want to stay on, and persevere till the last breath we have. In this life, we will not stop learning things, no matter how old or how young you might be.

And yes, it is alright to have some negative thoughts sometimes, but what's important is, know how to put them away.

I love you.

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