Friday, 24 October 2014


As much as I stress how important family time is important, you guys probably are like, "are you kidding me". I will be the best example of spending quality time with the family.

As most of you guys already know, I am the youngest in the family and that is the often spoilt brat. Okay, I just kinda admit myself. I honestly do not think that I am spoilt but rather I get almost anything I want.


This particular day I went to IKEA with my entire family, well, I re-shifted my room positions and I need new cupboards. JUST there are things that we want to get so we went.

Did I even mention how much I miss IKEA food. It is god damn nice, but the queue is nice too, all the way out to the stairs not to mention how big the eating place is. Sense my sarcasm guys.

THE QUEUE is not going to stop me from getting good food. Yes, pictures, yes, scroll and get hungry now.

Guys, just take a moment and think how important your family is. No matter what happen next, you know there will be somebody there for you no matter what. You will realise that there is so much more than those little tough things you are currently facing.

Because my family, everyone is sort of "grown up" already. We all each have our own life, sometimes we don't even see everyone in the family every single day although we live in the same roof. Time tries to fade everything, so we need that something to allow us to have the bonds to stay and not go any further than what it should be.

I cannot stress how much I love my family. I am proud to say to any of my friends that this is my mom and dad.

No I do not live in a perfect family, but I learn to see the perfect between the imperfections.


How long have you not tell your parents that you loved them? go, tell now. I am very sure, it is going to put a smile on their faces.



Wednesday, 22 October 2014

blogger was being a bitch

So hey guys, blogger was being a bad ass and making a fuss and I could not log in to the main page at all that explain why I didn't blog for this god damn long. I apologise but still, FUU YOU BLOGGER. It messed up my blogging schedule and I missed out many things that I could blog about in time.

Still I hope you guys will understand about all the late post but I will be blogging actively for the next few days just to catch up and I hope you guys will be patient with me.

Let's start with the day I went out with my girl friends.



Dress: Factorie

Shoes: Wholesale7

Lipstick: Revlon, Mauvy Night


It is a thing for me now to just wear a dress and just go wherever since it is so easy to just put on and make me feel like I placed alot of effort into the outfit, but secretly it only took 3 seconds for me to decide. I wore heels, because A GIRLRFIEND OUTING WILL  NOT BE COMPLETE WITHOUT THOSE BABY.

Although my feet hurt like asdfghjkl but hell it was worth it.




The whole day we were just walking around, laughing and eating. I guess I haven't had those type of fun in awhile ever since I lost a friend that used to shop and play around like this. Well, I do miss those moments but I am not going to stay in the past so I am moving on.

This girls make me feel like I am actually worth of something because of them I felt like I existed again. It has been long since I found another comfort zone where I could just really be myself and have a little more space in bound of the others.

I know everything has an end, no matter whether if its friendship or relationship or any connection between people. Honestly, I do not know if these girls will be there for me till the end of the world but I am sure I felt infinite when I spend my time with them.

I hold each and every friendship I have very very very close to my heart. I would never wish disaster upon anybody because I do not wish any sort of relation to go bazaar because of me. That is just disgusting and evil.

I believe everyone deserves a true friend, no matter how evil you are. In the end, we are still humans and we have feelings. Who knows what you are going through in a point in life? No one will understand except for yourself.

I am learning to be thankful in every way, learning to see things in a more lively manner. I am quite sick of seeing people being upset all the time, so well I am going to try my best to make you all readers into happy little positive souls.

I love you guys!


Thursday, 16 October 2014

5 tips on staying happy

Hey guys, so I just uploaded this new video on my youtube channel.

I talked about the 5 ways on staying happy.

I know there are bound to be tough times in life, but we should all learn to embrace and love the new experiences we have.


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Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Tell me, have you ever lost self-respect?

Honestly, no matter what your skin colour is, what job you have, what type of house you live in. We are all the same, we are all humans I mean. We are the mixture of feelings and bazaar thoughts and love.

I came across this situation where I talked to this civil cleaners, a "bangala" you might say or maybe just a normal street cleaners. Those people are the ones that clears up your shit after you left your rubbish there. Their job is certainly very great and noble from the base, but no one wants to do it anyways.

Back to the story, I was walking to the mall that fine day where there were extra many cleaners that were picking up leftover rubbish from the basketball court. It was a good 8am when I was there, it is a new sight since I always walk on that particular street at least pass 9am. ( not much of a fancy morning person ).

There were this bunch of cleaners who are just picking rubbish and some were trimming the grass.

Both encounter was on the same street.

First encounter:
I saw this lady who is just picking rubbish and stuff, she saw me needing to walk over her direction, she moved aside real quick as if I was going to eat her up. It was a kind move, so of course I said "Thank you" and she just smiled and continue doing her work.

Second encounter:
This worker he was just trimming the grass and sweeping away the cut off parts as I was walking by. He did the same, he shift aside. But he said something which kind of strike me, he said " I'm sorry". I do not know why, for me it is just not natural for someone to be saying sorry for what he is supposed to do. I mean, it is certainly his job and there is nothing to be sorry about. So I just said, "Thank you, and please don't say sorry for things that you didn't do wrongly."

I didn't think much about it until I reached home again that night. I realised, he was putting his own status down just compared to a even a normal teenager like me. Where is the self-respect.. He is not old at all let me tell you, he was just probably in his early 20s, out in a foreign country earning money for the family.

The reason why I took my time to type this out, is just basically just tell you guys to have self-respect and of course respect others as well. What comes around goes around.

Good luck.


Friday, 10 October 2014

Only you

"Your soft voice rings in my ears.
Whether my eyes are open or closed, I keep looking for you.
My eyes meet yours as I’m in your
 warm embrace.
Baby give me once
 more kiss, just one more kiss, whisper to me.

I smile at your smile
You make me forget all fear, you make me breath

You are everything I’ve been looking for, will you protect me?
The moment I was with you and your love.
Even if pain from the faded past comes.
I will always tell you my heart that only beats toward you.
Even when you’re next to me, I miss you
My heart loves you more than I do, can you tell?

I want to spend more time with you
Baby give me one more day Just one more day, don’t let go of me.

My eyes draw you out, my lips only call out to you, I only wait for you.
I want to engrave you in my heart.
Even if this moment isn’t forever, my love is for you.

You are everything I’ve been looking for, stay by my side.
Even if pain from the faded past comes, be with me forever.

You are everything I’ve been looking for, will you protect me?
The moment I was with you and your love.
Even if sadness of the faded memories
 beating heart that only has you will be forever.

My love is for you."

Thursday, 9 October 2014


"Souls is like a hole in a wall.
 They are constantly remind of the bad things we have, and never really look into the things we already have.

Souls is like a bubble.
They  all have different characters, grew up in different environment and situation, they can have different beliefs. They could get along, but it is just a matter of time when will the bubble pop.

Soul is like a piece of glass.
It is can be so firm and beautiful, but it shatters once you force too much on to it.

Soul is like a flower.
 It is nothing until it is pulled out to its full potential, blossoming and fertilizing the baby buds. But their beauty doesn't last long, they die and wither.

Soul is like a amulet.
 It protects your hopes, dreams, expectations, and self-love.

Soul is just part of us. -nsnceline "

I just want to bring up, that everyday there is something or someone trying to bring you down. You may breakdown, you may cry and be angered. It all ends up healing, and better things come after.
Even the darkest night, will have a bright morning sun.

Stay strong and goodluck.


Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Painter Cel ❤

I never really show my paintings. I used to love drawing, painting, just anything to do with art. Music, Drama, Acting, Tattoos. I appreciate all sort of arts, just because.. I have no reason but I just enjoy to emerge myself into the worlds with no boundaries.

Apparently, I had early dismissal, and I just couldn't study at all. I saw my paints lying around, I just picked them up and decided to do a drawing. And it went on and on and on for 3 hours.
I only like to paint or draw abstract, because I think everybody sees the difference out of it and I really like how there is no fixed idea on how an artwork should look like. Of course, my paintings have meanings, but those meaning are up to you to figure it out but I am gonna write down what I was feeling, and what does the painting means to me anyways.

This is the first painting drew, I call it the Hectic Works.

When I started this drawing, I had NO IDEA what it would turn out to be. It all just started with a few strokes of paint, and yeah, for this I used my fingers to do it. Like literally dip my fingers into the paint, it feels pretty good. Well, this painting started out with a mustard colour paint, I choose that to represent a dirty heart or rather a un-calmed heart. It feels like something exploded, and just nothing will ever bring it back. The brown colour represents the release, like the outburst of agony or happiness, a sense relief. The blue colour represents all the disheartened emotions, being the last to be released. After all being said, it looks abit like a fire work. So, I think that this painting brings out the happiness within the darker days and if you put all those bad things together, it will turn out to be fine/beautiful. The back ground is just small droplets of paint all around, it just reminds you of the stars, where it will give you hope in some point of disappointment.

The second drawing I call it the Passing of Embroideries.

For this, I already had an idea about how I want to be, but the ending is still a different surprise for me. I used a brush for this, and water of course to mix the colours and lighten. This drawing was very inspiring for me. It is a gradient piece of art where it goes from the lightest to the darkest, to me it represents life. We started out white, innocent and pure. As time goes past, memories are stained, good and bad and we learn to become something. It is the darkest in the middle, where we have the most amazing things that can happen, when you are an adult, you get married you get kids you get all the wonderful things in life you get busy and its the time where dreams might come true that is why I put it the darkest colour in the middle. It gets lighter and eventually we become white again, where we go back to where we belong, where we started. I used orange to represent kinda like fire, because red no more.

The last one I did today, Family Tree.

That is easy, it has 5 lines and each one line represents one family member I have. I live in a family of 5, my dad my mom my sister and brother and me. I use green, because it means down the earth and just the roots represents family bond. It makes me feel alot for family bonding and it screams nature. Just a very simple meaning of Family Love. That is it, but I took the longest to do this one because I got stucked halfway.

That is it, my paintings.. Tell me what you think of when you see the painting and tell me! I appreciate all the comments. Not the best paintings.. I am not a professional ya.

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