Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Everyday Makeup+Skincare+Hair Video

Hey guys! I just uploaded my new video on my youtube channel, I will appreciate if you check it out. Hope you enjoy!

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Monday, 24 November 2014

The recent happenings

Life is so fragile hold it a little too tightly, it breaks. Holding it too loose will also cause it to slip and fall. Well, we all would have that one day where we just couldn't hold that pot of life anymore, and eventually go. There has been times where we just felt like giving up, but honestly that is not a choice of our own. We live by the fate, although I do not believe in fate and all those. But if you really sit down and think, what if there is really someone on top controlling what we are doing.

Have you ever been so fascinated by the fact that, we might be a game like SIMs for the alien world or something. Sorry but I think, I just made you guys thought of it for awhile.

Those are just some random thoughts that I have in mind recently and no one could give me a direct answer anyways, so I shall just continue to have these crazy thoughts.

So, a few days back I went to watch my school's band concert with my close friends, honestly it wasn't up to what I've expected. I still kind of enjoyed myself in a sense that I have more memories with the bunch of people I enjoy to be with. There is just so much more in life, so I have learnt to just be more open to all sorts of places to explore and to hopefully have a fruitful year end.

Steamboat is like the best thing on earth when it comes to many people to feed and the large amount of food needed. It makes me feel loved to be able to share and just dip the chopsticks into the large pot of soup. To be able to share, the level of happiness will be there. I have no pictures sadly, I am a really bad blogger indeed.

AND FRET NOT . all this posts will be enhanced from the next onwards. I will probably be uploading another blog post and there will be a week break for me. I AM FLYING TO BANGKOK AGAIN INDEED. Its like my second home, this time I promise there will be a full blown vlogging, probably upload 1 complete long ass vlog for my 5 days over, there will be interesting places I will be going, taping them down is probably the easiest and fastest way.

Until then!

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Monday, 17 November 2014

Lost Dreams (?)

We are all dreamers that lost our dreams.

Do you remember the days where you would innocently tell people that you want to be a doctor, a lawyer, a pop star, teacher...

Where has all of that went? Gone case.

As we grow up, we lost them. We grew out of the box of dreaming and start realising that facts are not that appealing after all. Not because we didn't want to but our minds doesn't do justice. We do not live by what we say.

We get to know more about cruelty in the world. Reality sucks.

The chilling effect is that we have that one less burden in life where we don't have that much things to worry about. We lost that innocence within us.

That little inner drives that we used to have will be completely gone as we grow older. We are just learning more truths, that is why people say that a child's innocence is precious. Sadly, for the new generations they get to experience it lesser and lesser due to the massive rise in the digital world. Pokemon. hurhur.

Falling and rising, we have new ambitions along the fresh years of teen. We have more knowledge, we want to get into certain courses in college so we could be in an industry we want to be in. But who knows what comes after you reach adulthood.

I am certainly in a dilemma. There is like a mountain of choices for me to face soon. In everything there is always a split path, remember that there is not fixed things. Be bold and go for the least.

People are just generally  indecisive. Dreams? Ambition?

We are the dreamers that lost our dreams and eventually retrieves them again. We slowly discover what is true to us, true to our soul and not just pleasing others. The point of living is that we live in our dreams. It may sound kind of ironic but it is indeed the surprising fact.

The dreams we want, we must first learn how to let ourselves be dipped inside it.

Hold on to the dreams, enter the dreams, go back to those white thoughts, enjoy the process and that is a dream come true. It may not be all that fancy but we would get those satisfaction, because we achieve.

The missing childhood dreams, let revive the passion that we used to have because that is what makes everything worth it.

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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

HAUL (Sephora, Daiso & more) ♥

I know I have not done a haul type of blog in a FREAKING LONGEST TIME. So here it is, if you are curious about what I've gotten this few weeks.

First, I would start with all the beauty products that I got!


Facial Wipes

I got this at Daiso, and yes it is only 2 dollars. But you have to know that, I do not know about the quality of this at all. I haven't tried it or anything like that, I only bought it because I thought it was cute. The packaging is what tricked me into buying, that's basically it.


Clear lip gloss


I got this at Sephora for about $12 or $20 I am not sure. But because that day I was really needing some clear gloss and I didn't bring out a lip balm or any shit like that so I went to buy one. I guess a clear gloss is an essential especially if you're like me, having way too many colours of lipstick and not being able to buy matched coloured lip gloss.


NYX Medusa Medusa


I don't know, NYX is currently my favourite lipstick brand. For its price it is freaking worth every penny. I got those each at $9, and I had a 10% discount. Thinking back, I should have gotten more. I am really into the darker lips nowadays, go hard girl, thats just me now.


NYX Hestia Hestia


It is this deep wine red colour. I DON'T KNOW HOW TO EXPRESS, THIS IS A SUPER BEST BUY IN A WHILE NOW. I really love this, planning to wear this. Not going to care about what others say anymore. SUPER NICE.


saw this bear lying on my bed....  this is the natural reaction when I see cute things.



Daiso's Instant Japanese curry


I think I have mentioned this way back in the June holidays. I literally survived on this, by cooking rice and just putting this over. Have I not mentioned how good does this taste. I mean, this is perfect for students who have long holidays like me and decides that I want to be a couch potato for the next 2 months.


Powder shake

This shit, is really good surprisingly. At first when my mother brought this back I was like, seriously mom so gross. You just need to mix the powder with water and you get this smoothie like beverage, super good and filling.



I wished I had all the time and someone to help me film all this so I could show you everything. But seems like I couldn't. You know I really tried my best.


Thanks for reading guys. <3


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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Relationship Advices ♥

When you're in a relationship with another person other than yourself, there are bound to be disagreements. In fact, it is during those heated moments when we truly get to learn who the other person is, which ultimately makes you stronger as a couple. Sometimes, arguing with your partner can be fun and playful, it is not about winning: it is just about pushing the other person's button for a little spark.

Sometimes we can make the most ridiculous assumptions and intentionally make your other half feel inferior and insecure. It is important to have ample trust and space in between especially at our teenage years.

We are all in the same process of growing up, adapting, learning new things together. There is only two way out. One being, you both learn and grow up together. Two being, as someone start to mature, their thought and expectation changes this will eventually lead too much disagreements and you both will eventually break apart.

Relationship can be very exciting and fresh for us. But we must always still keep a caution and be wise.  There is many different important expects in just one single relationship, qualities that shows how strong the relationship between you both.

Naturally, we are all attracted to good looking people. There is nothing wrong with that, although everyone find different aspects cute. Beyond just the face, humour and honesty are the most popular next.

Nowadays, or even my own experience, we rush into things too quick and things end quickly too. Going out with a group of friends is a good choice to know someone better without feeling pressurised. Focus about doing the fun things rather than romance. This way both parties will know each other better in a " 2 way thing".

Girls, you are going to hate this but let's stay realistic. His schedule cannot always fit in yours like a puzzle, things are not always going to be smooth and he is not going to surprise you with flowers and chocolates every single day of your life. He/she replies a few hours late? They must be busy, if he really cares he would have told you before hand or explain after so there is no point of you being all fussed up and angry about that. We all need space.

Sometimes it is just the little things in life that eventually pieces up and become one big thing. Appreciate the little things that happens. For example, I really appreciate when he hugs my waist when we are on the escalator, it makes me feel like I am always to be safe. Sending cute little text along the days like " hey, I am thinking of you. " makes one feel very loved and secure and sure to put that little smile on their faces.

Making time for one another. Some couples will have weekly based late night video chats, just talking and chilling together while being able to see each other's face. Some people are generally more comfortable in expressing their feelings through skype or facetime. This special time together is what makes that little extra something for the relationship.


Respecting each other is an important point. There has been times where I felt disrespected by words others use, it hurts. So remember, always just give ample space so that the other part will not feel so choked up. There are boundaries to everything, as well as personal space. It is very important, I cannot stress more on this.

Stay honest. Something happened recently got me on this. If you have already decided to devote yourself to this certain someone, there shouldn't be anything to lie about. There should be open minded aspects, accept their past and embrace the present.

And lastly, do not be afraid to breakup with a person that you no longer love. It is very selfish if you just keep wasting the other party's time when they could take the time to recover and move on to the next phase in life? Don't be a brat.


I hope you guys find this helpful, all opinions are mine and there shouldn't be any hard feelings if you disagree to my statement.


Love y'all.
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Sunday, 2 November 2014

October Favourites 2014

HEY GUYS. I know I have left this segment hanging since I DONT REMEMEBER when.

I am just sorry and I know I could have done better to cope with both sides but I figured that you guys will understand what I am going through.


Endless Weekends Lotion and body mist.


Honestly, this has been my to-go scent not because I am particularly fond of it but it is handy and light. The Body Mist has this sparkling thing that comes out when you spray with it. This is why if you look closely, my body is always covered in glitter. It doesn't smell bad at all, like the name it smells like freedom and happiness. I got this from Bath and Body works as a set with the body wash, which I already used up.


DAISO- container?


THIS THING, is a life saviour. I recently got a bunch of new drawers and needed something to arrange and store my makeup, accessories and those bunch of crap. So I got this, it made my drawers look extremely neat now, and honestly, I am just thankful for this thing. DO TELL ME IF YOU WANT A ROOM TOUR via askfm.


I am not much of a digital person when it comes to photographs. I do enjoy viewing pictures that were taken since the past and just look back into the path of memories. So I printed out a bunch of photos, not only with my friends but my family as well to fill up the spaces on my bedroom wall. I think, the best way to see pictures is still physically holding it and looking at the real deal. Printing photos can be expensive but I think it is worth it.


Favourite Lipstick of the month


It is this beautiful blend of orange and red. It is very bright, and I have just been wearing the living crap out of it.


Book recommendation

It is just basically corrupted government and runaways, bonding in family blood.


Song recommendation

My dearest by Supercell, it is the theme song for guilty crown.

Becky G shower!


Thanks for reading, I honestly have gone rusting in writing blogs. But I will soon pick it up again.


Love y'all


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