Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Sitting in class and all I could think of is icecream :( 

I have this really bad itch on the back of my neck, it kinda hurts to even touch it. It made me really grouchy in school.

This week is full of class test and stuff. Time check: I am still not motivated enough. My geography book is opened but I haven't even read a single line. Geez #studentproblems 

I wonder who is with me in this boat already sailing off but I am still typing on my phone almost every single second. I couldnt sleep well, I feel tired every single day. BUT I FOUND A SOLUTION!!! 

Eating candies in boring lessons keep me awake. I think its because of the sprinted sugar level so I feel generally more awake. Other than this, sitting right infront of the class has helped me to focus a lot more than I thought it would. So... Everyone is working hard in school. I am still a potato. Doing nothing productive and no accomplishment.

I guess, there will be more uploads like this updating about studying and my stupid lifeless life. 

Thanks for reading. -hearts-

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Thursday, 22 January 2015

3rd week of school

Its a thursday, 3rd week into school. All I can say is, tired. This morning when my eyes opened, all I can say is, I didn't want to. 

People go like, its only the 3rd week why are you so stressed out already? And the answer is -- I have goals and targets to achieve. I know how convenient it is to just lay in bed and skip school. I have been there before, done that before and I just really do not reccomend it. I'm regretting right now at this moment, for not having a correct attitude in learning from the start. If you think you will start working hard when Year 4 starts, you better be damn sure you did. 

I am not giving up yet, this is the time where I push myself towards my limit and maybe even surpass it. Believing that you can do it, and you're already halfway there. The other half, contains all your determination and efforts you are willing to put in. 

So always remember, you can't really blame anyone for getting a bad grade, it is always you. There was a point of time where I placed alot of efforts but the results doesn't show. That should be a sign that the way you study is wrong, change. Changing is not nessescary always because you are bad, change to a style where you can absorb better. No matter if its eating while studying, or walking around studying. It will make sense if you are really learning. 

Just a really short blogs for you guys, so keep up what you are doing right and keep those games, anime to the day you get out of your cell. (For my fellow sec4s) 

In conclusion, school still sucks. But it is a path we all have to go in order to achieve most of our dreams. So suck it up for your future, bitches. 

Bye, love you. (Ps, typed this using my phone so I have no idea how it would turn out.  

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Sunday, 18 January 2015

National Museum

So I went to the National Museum to get some inspiration from the exhibitions. Many pictures were taken so let’s just see them. Will upload the video on “THE DAY I PRETENDED TO BE A TOURIST”. I actually vlogged it, it was hilarious. 


One of my own favourite shot. This picture feels lonely at first look, but it is bright outside just like there is a hope of light in a room filled with darkness and agony. 

This is where I was really stunned by the images of life. I think it is a blessing to be able to actually capture moments in our lives that are important, I took home a few of his photography to keep me inspired. It makes me want to do this at my own house. 

This part shows the Japanese Occupation. It was dark and eerie somewhat. There are boards like this shining through the dark with a mirror reflecting, it was very very breathtaking. 

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