Friday, 27 February 2015

Chinese NY

Hey guys, I am finally going to show you pictures from my very own family Chinese New Year pictures. CNY is very important for the chinese as it symbolizes huge celebration and a start of the Lunar Calender! It is a time of the year when everyone should appreciate family, although we should always cherish our own kins, we often forget how important they are and these few days serves as a reminder for us human beings to be appreciative and to love.

First day, I wore a red checkered dress with white sandals.

Second day, I wore a yellow cum cream crop top,acid wash jeans with heels.

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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Kindness ❤

“Kindness is an action that can be seen by the blind and heard by the deaf.”

Right said. Kindness is the universal language that is comprehended beyond boundaries. Kindness is one of the seven virtues, mostly defined as righteous and caring attitude but it is not just as simple as this two words. Kindness is a highly influential action, where it tends to spread from one to another to another and the cycles just goes on and on.

I, myself have been embraced by the warm hands of kindness.

But, some people say that kindness are for the losers, for the weaklings and for the hopeless hoping to find a light while stepping on someone. Clinging on to the ‘kindness” you what to give will always only leave you nothing but regrets.

No one wants to be called names, wants to be despised, wants to be mistreated. If everyone treated everyone like how they want to be treated, this world will be a much better place. Some people just cannot seem to do it.

Kindness makes someone’s psychological mindset become better and lively. For example, a simple act like sharing an umbrella with someone who doesn’t. Not saying nasty things to another, are just really basic kindness yet some people couldn’t do it.

Though I say all this, some people really do not deserve the emotions and actions you put in but there is no need to fuck the other party up just because he/she didn’t appreciate your “kindness”. Just leave quietly, hope and pray they will understand one day. No point explaining to people who doesn’t understand and refuse to understand.

Kindness can be just an action of appreciation, gratitude and other emotions. You may be doing them now without noticing them and I say thank you on behalf for whoever who gained your help. You did it right and should continue to do it.

Everyone has some kindness in them, no matter how heartless they may seem to be. They are still human, kindness exist till a certain extent, which I truly believe. One day you will get back what you deserve.

From now, I will do some random act of kindness. I may give you anything, anytime, anywhere, when I feel like it. I may not know you very well but I am willing to do all this to maybe make someone’s day. Do it if you feel like so, but who knows, it may be you that I am targeting today. Let’s make humanity restore. J

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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Be humane

So, it’s February already. What am I doing with my life?
So I came across this page where people post really nasty things about rape. They take raping as such a light thing which made me so pissed off. Having someone felt you up, and take something important away from you. It is so terrible.

“You’re asking for it by wearing so exposed“
“Dirty Slut”
“Such a waste, she has a pretty face, I could have done it better”

What the fucking fuck guys.

For those people who say that those girls are “asking for it”, it doesn’t give an excuse for you to fuck her and dumb her there. All you have done is leaving trauma and a tragic half-dead life for her. What did the girls do to deserve the rest of their lives being despised by others. Going though was hard enough, they do not need extra comments from people who doesn’t give a shit about their existence.

For people who can call them a slut just because they were raped, you fucking bastard. They didn’t have a choice, didn’t they? What if one day it just happened to someone close to you, will you call her a slut? Slut is a commonly misused word, please, just stop using it.

The last one, I really cannot take that shit. “I can do better?” “She has a pretty face?” can she even choose what has happened?  Is that even supposed to be a compliment or what? Is society trying to tell me, being pretty is a crime and the punishment is to get raped.

Beast. Those people that has nothing nice to say, and still said something to hurt someone. I wish I could just spit on your face and tell you how my saliva is cleaner than your mouth. Some things are just not meant to be said.

People, if you have not been through a certain position, you are least person to have the right to comment on someone else’s situation. The internet needs to learn how to be considerate, how to be more humane.

Okay, enough with all those rants and shit.


I am not loving my Year 4 life at all, HA HA. Everything seem to be moving in a really fast time box. Just a month ago, everyone was setting their resolutions and appreciate what they had for the last year.Question is, have you start working on it? I did, I swear I wasn’t joking when I said I wanted to close that thigh gap and gain weight. 50 with a nice booty is my end. My ass actually hurts as and now as I am typing.

School, is very hectic, very very very hectic. (got to emphasize)

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