Friday, 20 March 2015

fuck boys

I probably just woke up, still in my pajamas, eating a pandan bread, sitting down in front of my laptop while making coffee thinking about how life sucks.

Today, I am going to talk about boys, things that boys do that I seriously cannot handle and when I mean I cannot handle, it is probably worse than a car accident. Let me give you some introduction of those creatures called – fuck boys if you have never heard of them I will provide a dictionary explanation in just a bit. 

Well girls, you have to know that not all boys came out from fairy tales and they would shower you with amazing love and always be true and sweet and kind. They are not characters that come out from books, lets just take a moment to realise that guys in books are always the best, back to the main story. A fuck boy, is a person who plays with feelings, but he has all the abilities to create butterfiles in your stomach, make you think that he is the prince charming and make you go head over heels for him. They have this special power (what I like to call it), the honey chamber. Girls just surround him no matter what he does.

How a potential fuck boy would be like (just 1/7 qualities is possible):

1. Perfect Hair
2. Perfect Face
3. Amazing Scent
4. Always surrounded by the female army
5. Sweet and Kind
6. Cute Smile
7. Good body

Just everything you can imagine how a guy would never be like, he is standing right in front of you. PSSH.

Fuck boys does the sweetest things on earth like sending her home, surprising her with amazing flowers and presents but you will never exactly know how many girls he is actually doing that for. SO DO NOT GET TRICKED. 

If you have been on tumblr, you probably would have caught one of those skeleton wars about fuck boys. People always got time for all those drama hell final fantasy shows going on, its always nice to see some agreements and disagreements going on there.

A fuck boy would literally date you, well "date you" and probably always use threats to keep you even closer because we, stupid and blind girls, will have thoughts like " I would never find someone else better", " he means everything to me" PSSH GIRL? you gotta keep your eyes open even if he has the nike shoes and broad shoulders.

You will soon realise he is only using you for the sake of plain sexual desires for example:

1. asking for nudes
2. telling you dirty things
3. keeping you awake at night just to tell you stuffs

DO NOT BE FOOLED. He might have a face of an angel but his heart is distorted.

Let me give an argument for the fuck boys (just like an argumentative essay, you gotta stand at the other side first). "But the girls come to us first", hell yeah, because we girls aka sentimental mammals are pretty blinded when we see a diamond walking pass. Well I do not mean that all girls fancy diamond, probably just something we crave for. BUT THOSE ARE JUST EXCUSES, hello hi do you mean that if I probably love you and you could just use me for some stupid hype of yours? no. So fuck boys, are still not acceptable. Not in a million years.

You probably have a hundred girls, but bruh, I won't be one of them. ;)

Thanks for reading, I really know the lack of updates has been a pretty crazy issue but I will try my best. PS: should I make this post into a video so people who generally prefer to listen can do it?

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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

heavy metal songs?

So I am currently at my dad's friends house. Which I am probably doing nothing in life so I have the time to tell you guys about the happenings in my life. Well, nothing really happened because its the 'very mundane' part of my life where its just constantly studies, homework, work, more homwork, more schooling. 

The thing that still didnt change much is Anime. I guess I still watch them on and off, when im lacking the inspiration or energy to do stuff. Anime, some of you guys ask me, isn't it cartoon? Hell no. Just take some time and start watching one that is very brutal and you will understand the geez behind anime craz. They show us things that it almost unable to in movies. 

Saying about animes, I am hooked to their OST. Like no joke, heavy metal? Rock? They help me concentrate with my studying amazingly. I have no idea why but its quite amazing how all those screaming does to my brain. It made me calm when I feel anxious. 

I found the reasons behind all those hysterical headaches. Migraine. Indeed, it was inherited. It hurts along the day when I do not even understand why but I guess I do now. Lets just hope it doesnt get worse and I could concentrate to do what I am supposed to. 

Here are some songs I have been going crazy for (very sick beats): 

Until then.

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