Sunday, 26 July 2015


I am older now.

Not sure if there is any difference but I am 16, okay.

This year, somehow somewhat I had a great time this year. Appreciate everything, esp those people that came or called to say happy birthday and stuff. The first thing that happened to the last, was very precious to me. Sweet 16 wasn’t bad at all. I have pretty bad experiences with birthdays so I’ve learnt to have low expectation for everything I suppose?

This year’s celebration although it’s not like greatest or what compared to others but I spent the whole day with my loved ones and that’s all I need.

Even though the person I want to receive wishes from the most didn’t wish me.

My dad is pretty cool, he wants to get me something and I just started being cheeky right from the start. He is an amazing dad hehe.

 Got to the movies, and damn. Ant-Man was yet another wonderful creation from marvels (is this even correct information). I am pretty impressed how simple the concept of the hero is but yet they are pretty complexify the whole thing and freaking use Ants and everything bye.  

Just because I said I wanted to eat ice cream, I got to eat 4 different ice cream within one day. Damn, I want to freaking eat all of those again. Ice cream has been an escape and it will always be until I am 90 years old. I will be the person on earth that lives for the existence of ice cream. I love ice cream and it will always stay close to my heart, my ice cream, my life. I chose to eat Chinese food as well since it was my favorite as well, because it is so hard to go wrong with the Chinese cuisine (that’s what I thought).

I had two outfits for my birthday. Well, I am loving my recent clothes hurhur.

Hi hello, may I declare my 16th birthday cake is better than yours? I have the BEST CAKE IDEA EVER. Because I can never decide on one flavour for the cake so my siblings thought of buying each of the cake in slices and arrange it to a circle though there isn’t enough to fit a perfect circle, my dad thought of this idea of drawing a half face on a piece of paper and make it look like some japanese manga girl hehe. LOVE THIS CAKE A LOT, it is a layered cake not even sure what is it called but that is what I am calling it.

thanks to those people who sent their wishes and I love you <3

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Potential Food-Champion

I am having really big issues, I am not sure if the muslims are having Hari Raya or I am having Hari Raya. 

The amount of food I eat within this week is EXTREMELY TERRIBLY and HORRENDOUS.

There is a potential that I could possibly join the next food-eating-related competition and freaking own it. I enjoy my food to its fullest so guys, I am not on a diet. My cheeks are getting huge, making my body not proportional at all because my body can’t get really fat…….

Here you go, enjoy the pictures of the food. [more words after the pictures, so scroll]

I spent a lot more time with my family than I ever did in the past. I am not sure if it is me growing up and realising the importance of them slowly or am I just really lonely and no one asks me out and I am.. ok.

Well, spending time with my family isn’t bad at all. Just look, I do not have to pay for the huge amount of food I eat… (although sometimes I do), I get to get games and have long conversations with my brother and sisters just talking about how we should game. Those are filling up my life so much. I was empty than filled all over again.

It wasn’t that bad to confide to your parents actually. They are grown adults and most likely have crazy more experiences than you did, whatever you are going through, they know and they are probably the people that knows you best. Well undeniable genes.

Short one till Saturday <3

Monday, 20 July 2015

NAVIGATION | finding you

No matter who you are, who you might be. A student, an adult, or none of the above, you might or might have gone through this stage of life. It is a vicious cycle and it will happen once or more times in some points of your life.

Have you ever sat down and suddenly ask yourself:

Where am I?

What am I going to do?

Where am I heading to?

Why am I here?

One word to describe all these,  LOST.

It is just a feeling, there might not be a reason but definitely, something must have triggered it to happen. That feeling of losing your way is very daunting, because you are all alone. No one would help, or rather, no one can help because the problems lies deep within you. No matter what that happened that made you this way, a breakup, a fight, an emotional release, a shocking truth, you are not alone. You might think that your situation is very difficult and tough, and yes indeed it is, but it is not the worst, learning how to pack up your feelings and face it stronger. You get uneasy about the outcomes, get scared by what hasn’t happened yet.

It is all about you and yourself.

What about that man? Celine will teach you how to get your shit up right again.

Be a beginner again. I have no idea where this thought came from, probably from experience. If you feel like you know everything already, find something you do not know, and master it. Because picking up another skill will just enable yourself to find another aspect of life. There isn’t a rule, if you want to catch some pokemons, cool go get some pokeballs and start catching some, that’s life. Observe yourself, how to react to certain things, those might be signs and directions to the new light you are approaching.

Learning everything from the start all over again will probably give you a new vision. For example, I hate rock songs but now half of my playlist is rock and metal songs, and the reason behind it was because I gave it a second try.

Forgive yourself for past mistakes. Some people just cannot let go of what happened in the past and let it haunt them for life literal and legit.  One question: FOR WHAT????????? Move on human, you deserve a future.

Live like you never did before and always remember, you are you. Take your time to find yourself again, no hurry, no one is pointing a gun at you and forcing you to be something. Take it slow and you’ll get somewhere.

Love y’all.

Friday, 10 July 2015

factors to antagonism | negativity

Before I start, one of my favourite person on earth is back in the city which makes me very happy.

Now let’s talk about something a little more serious. Negativity and people, they are like a fusion, they come together in a package. For a tiny human like we are, it is also inevitable to feel negativity at some point of our lives. We are subjected to sadness, anger, displease, unfairness and they all come in different forms.

I will talk about 3 points today that are possibilities to you being negative.

1 Social Circle
2 Family
3 You
4 Opinions

Negativity nothing if you do not let it take over your brain. Let’s start shall we?

Social Circle

People have friends, and friends have friends and friends has friends friend. People talk, remember we cannot stop people from talking. They may spread nasty things about you, say false facts or even talk bad about you, not going to blame anyone for this but humans, this is what we humans do, you human, I human we all are humans that do stuff but wishes it will never come back. Man, you get angry at things that you do as well. Friends, who can you actually consider a friend? Is your definition of friend at the correct mindset.

At this point, you are most likely angry at someone whom you consider a “friend” silently in your heart, ask yourself, boom there you have it. You contain the anguish within yourself and most likely you will “express yourself to the other someone whom you think you can trust” aka bitching. Well, remember, whatever you do, others can do the same too.

Placing trust on people that didn’t deserve it and ended up wounded in a “sure-lose” battlefield, we all have been through that. Sometimes we just can’t help it because of those stupid “institution” we have to place extreme trust on them. And when we really end up getting sad and upset, we complain and rant about it in one way or another. You did, no matter how you try to deny, YOU DID.

Social circle makes people sad, because we invested feelings. When there is feelings, it will hurt.


Family is the base thread of our brain eco. Whatever went wrong at home will have a definite impact on us, it is usually a direct hit. Sometimes or most of the times, they are roots to most people’s negativity because they couldn’t turn to the closest people in their lives (family) when they are having problems with them.

Insensitivity to the fragile heart can lead to really bad heartbreaks. The things that we share and the true feelings we are experiencing can be two very different things. It’s already hard to explain a feeling, it is even harder to explain a feeling concerning someone with flesh and blood ties.

It makes others feel mildly irritated.

Remember, there is a fine line about being concerned and being nosy. If it’s personal, just LEAVE THEM ALONE.


We get affected by everything. Insecurity is the thing making you sad and angry. Knowing your own flaws can be a factor that drives continuous hatred towards oneself. You are the one MAKING yourself unhappy. Now, ask yourself again, were there times you just felt you were the root to most of the problems you have? You felt insecure? You felt upset because of your own failure?

We often look down on our past-self, the person that we used to be. Why? Because of mistakes? Because I had acne on my face? Or issit because of my weight? Because I am such a failure for not getting an A for science.

It is called – self pressure.

Living with an expectation in life makes it boring. Keep it low and LOWER, because there ain’t no fairy god mothers granting you the express way to the ball with a pumpkin and some mice.

If you can change amend your mistakes, then do it. If you can’t, then just FUCKING LIVE WITH IT.


Again, thoughts that doesn’t come from you and yourself. People have a brain and hence they evaluate people, generating thoughts.

The moment when you see someone, your head unconsciously goes like this >
Hair? Quite alright.
Face? alittle average.
Height? Tall.
Makeup? Maybe abit much.
Size? Too chubby.

We all do these unconsciously and all these “OTHER PEOPLE” opinions gets into our life one way or another. Again, this kinds of link back to the YOU part. YOU let them interfere and make a hot mess out of your brain.

I have, myself, been going through some certain somethings. Some people assumed me, accused me, made fun of me, insulted me. At the beginning, I took all of them really hard on myself mainly because I was the root of the problem and there would not be such a situation if I was wiser. There isn’t anything that can bring me down no longer because I want to succeed and when I say that, I am already half way there.


Time to realise where all the unhappiness is coming from my friends. Sometimes we just need to take a break off some people and things to finally have clear and commanding thoughts. Never let anyone take control of your emotions, that person, will take advantage of it. Slow down, look back and think about what is making you sad. Be sad, cry, get angry but all for only one day.

There was once I made an oath in which I would never ever be a low life to make other’s life miserable, or let anyone let me feel miserable about my own life. I chose every single path I am walking in this life. I stay strong to my believes and hold them very very close to my heart. Reminding myself I shouldn’t be hurt, and I will never be because I have been stronger than ever.

Negativity is such a scary thing, so stay away from it and get some chillax positive vibes. Inhale.


Wednesday, 1 July 2015


I am late at this. I mean what have I not been late at? (NOTHING)

Honestly, I was kind of shocked when I saw this piece of new but I was pleasantly surprised.

So, US legalized same sex marriage for 50 states. All I can feel is thankfulness, the acceptance for same sex marriage is very minimal across the globe but with US being the guide for it, there might just be more good news coming up.

Love was never defined over gender nor age nor anything.

It was people that decided that same sex marriage is illegal and wrong and sinful(some). We were the one that created this whole image of a male must be together with a female, it wasn’t there right from the beginning isn’t it?

From what I know, the only Asian countries that allows same sex marriage is Nepal and Vietnam. What in the world? Asia is such a big place but ONLY TWO COUNTRIES LEGALIZED IT. Isn’t it time Asia? Isn’t it time Singapore?

Everyone was born to love and get loved.

And I strongly believe in that.

I was so proud to know that someone finally stepped out and did actions with voices.
There are many cases where people bite back on laws because they couldn’t do what they desire. Although some say “if you really love each other, you don’t have to get married what”. Oh sorry I totally didn’t know that from the start. Marriage is a sole long commitment and promise for both parties. Why is marriage banned in the first place? O.O

Just, out there. If you’re a girl and you like a girl and she likes you back and stuff, or if you’re a guy and you like a boy and he likes you back and stuff, you guys don’t deserve all these weird stares when you hold each other’s hand, or give each other loving hugs and kisses. No, you don’t deserve it. You don’t deserve needing to hide whenever you both are together. You don’t deserve to be ashamed or feel lesser than others just because you were born this way.

Heart felt words, go for this. Hold on and not give up, one day blessings WILL come to you no matter what.

So what if you’re lesbian? Or gay? Or Bisexual?

We are all just one tiny human in this earth in a limitless universe.

I believe we should all learn how to embrace other’s differences and see the beauty in it. Because, love is beautiful, and it will always be.