Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Four seasons : Winter


The sun drops early like 4pm. 
Those sad music beats like EDM.
Lonely heart, 
Lonely days,
Lonely trees & snowflakes.

Don't you feel like trees piled up with snow is really pretty, yet sad and lonely at the same time? 

Tree branches gets so fragile, they break with your lightest touch. Enduring each wind that passes by hoping to not snap.

Ponds and lakes freeze. They don't have a choice but to stay stagnant for some period of time. Well, on the bright side, it brings people joy. 

The cold will always remind you of someone, someone who used to always warm you up unconditionally. 

The snowflake will always remind you that no matter how pretty you are, how much you can make someone happy just by sight, you will disappear when the weather warms up.

The people who wears a lot of clothes to prevent the cold will always remind you that no matter what, YOU are the person that can keep yourself warm even without others. 

The early sunset will always remind you that resting is a part of life. You rest and take drawbacks in order to work harder in the future. 

The stars that ignite the sky will always remind you that even at the worst nights, there will be a way out and it is waiting for you to grasp it. 

Winter is probably my favourite season since I cannot handle hot weather as well as i would want to. 

I am currently in Japan, chilly weather, big sun and amazing aura. People keep mistaking me as a Japanese though. I can only speak very little Japanese and it is not even close to being able converse with someone.

Just one thing though, their uniform here is just really cute and the people here dress really good. Ought to learn some and go back to my country to spread some Japanese fashion trend. All the cutesy yet sexy style is my favourites!

Do you guys want to see a vlog? Or blogs about my Japan trip? Tell me so I can prepare myself. I took quite a number of pretty photos, really would like to share with you guys. 

Until then, Goodluck. 

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Truth is

Hello, can I say something?
You say you know me that well?
It’s so strange, when you’re in front of me
You can’t say anything but you talk a lot behind my back.
I’d be crazy to do those things
Am I really that mean?
The cowards talk a lot under the tree but they can’t climb,
You can talk all you want.
Make it loud, make them more.
I want to know all the truth, all the truth. 
The important thing is you talk about ME.
 It’s nice, very nice.
The more rumors there are, the better it is.
I just laugh, that’s how easy it is. 
I have about ten tails, you don’t even know.
I think you have a misunderstanding..
The way I smile, the way I talk, the way I walk is a bit…
Don’t be like that and just say it,
I expected this.
We only know each other’s names
But I guess you’d go crazy even if we just brushed our fingertips, I know I am such a big deal. 
I’d be crazy to do those kinds of things.
With someone I only know by name.
Don’t say that just because you can't have me.
You can talk all you want, still.
Rumors that spread without a sound,
What you want is a truth or dare.
Actually, everything is depends on you,
on what kind of person I become
What’s important is not me but you,
You tell me first.
The important thing is now, right now,
How does it feel to see me before your eyes, better than you?
I just laugh, that is how easy I do my thing. 
It’s just you, the little, foolish you.
Believe me? Only believe in what I say,
What you believe, what you want, what deceives you is so…


Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Everyone needs to read this.

I am honestly very furious and disgusted. 

I finally understand what feeling is that to be judged for life for a single mistake.
It doesn't mean, I keep quiet means I am doing nothing and acting like nothing has ever happened, so stop thinking that bullying people, smearing people's reputation on the net is nothing wrong. 

It was never meant to be public thing, i learnt from my mistake and I am currently living in a state where I already have multiple source of pressure. 

But honestly who the fuck are YOU, to fucking bully someone who genuinely wants to change?

Who are you to judge other's mistake? 

Who are you to re-write other's life stories? 

i don't get it, I am very enraged. I have been swallowing all my pride, refusing to bring any matter how up anymore but what do I get? 

Disrespect comments. (I know i am the one that made this available but lol fuck you still. )

It is tough to face it alone. 

A lot of times I feel so lonely when everyone just turn their back on me. 

Just know you little peanut haters, you have officially made me feel like I'm a loser. But not anymore. 

Im much more greater than you think. I control my life from now on, if you think you have anything better to confront me about, I'll gladly hold your hands to go see the cops. 

I'm not even joking.

'Oh Celine you are over reacting...' 

Try living like it's nothing. 

Try acting it is nothing and be super strong in front of hundreds of people that knows your business.

Try getting anonymous hates and disgusting requests everyday.

Try living in this situation, every single fucking day. Before you comment. 

Try being strong when people ask you something about it very insensitively. 

Try holding your tears in public after getting traumatized by a group of unknown people. 


If you think everything is so easy and fine. Sure that is your business.

The thing is why can't everyone just mind their own business. Your life doesn't rotate around mine neither does my life radiates around you. 

I really can't help it but get angry. Not only for myself but for every single one of them getting bullied online. 

Cyberbullying is not okay. IT IS NOT OKAY. 

You think it's okay just because you have never experienced the pain and sufferings. 

I stand for myself. So why should I continue to keep quiet about things? 

I am so disgusted. 

Just stop. Just saying, cyberbullying is illegal in Singapore.  

You can play all kinds of tricks but your actions shall be paid for, in days, months or years. Just wait.

For those people who has been secretly helping me, Just know i am very grateful and appreciate everything you do. 

Sunday, 6 December 2015

WGS Prom Night 2015

I believe many have been waiting for me to type this blog.

I have been contemplating to doing this but I decided to give all my honest opinions as usual.
First things first, if you are easily butt hurt, please just not read this. All of this are based on my own opinion with no intention of hurting anyone.

Let’s just start shall we?

I really hated everything. It may be due to the fact that I grew to be more anti-social after graduation but honestly, it wasn’t a nice experience. I think social media, and prom from the western countries corrupted my vision of a “perfect prom”.

Let me say this, it wasn’t because I didn’t have a prom date, or because I was just being really picky over the location and hotel. Not even. I am not even exaggerating when I say, it sucked balls.

The moment I stepped into the ballroom, or just room for the prom, I got way more attention with my hair than I thought I would. I had grey hair at that time, it was really awesome I admit. Had my hair chopped off real short and a literal style change, evolved Celine, I’d like to name it as. Honestly, I felt quite good with what I was wearing and stuff. Some people didn’t recognize me at first look, I took that as a compliment lightly.

Dress: New Look
Shoes: Charles & Keith
Necklace: SK
Earring: Bangkok

The second problem that occurred was, I was late (this was my fault) and I couldn’t sit with my friends and I had to sit with a bunch of people that I have almost zero knowledge about despite being in the same cohort for four years. I felt like physically giving myself a tight slap for being an awkward chicken nugget over there. Drinking my water, and pretending I am so cool about it. No. ok. Things got better after a kind teacher decided to help us shift our seats.

The food was literally bullshit. I can cook better than that with less than $80. I mean, hotel food are always like this. Hey, I work in a hotel, I serve and I had my fair share of food every single week from hotels but it wasn’t as shitty as that I swear.

I truly enjoyed the part where I get to dress up and put makeup on my face. It has been my passion since very very long ago. The rest of the day was terrible though.

Here is a little message for all my fellow WGS people:

I really hated most of my times in school and honestly regretting meeting some people in the school. But if time were to reverse again, I wouldn’t choose to change anything because it brought me to where I am today, not anything good but proud to be me. I used to live in other people’s shadow because I didn’t have much. I was labelled as arrogant and being shame by many of you there. I get it, I know it, I said nothing about it. I secretly enjoyed the feeling of you, talking behind my back because it kind of shows I am a topic to talk about, so I am not actually that furious about that, other than spreading false rumors. There are some people whom I had many ups and downs with, there are some people that is causing all those ups and downs. I’d just like to say, I am pretty glad I wouldn’t have to go back to that same pit black hole to see you again LOL.