Tuesday, 16 February 2016


Those nights where your mind just goes uncontrollably wild.

Those nights where your eyes lets you see all those truths you have been avoiding.

Those nights where your mouth said spiteful words that you don't mean.

Those nights where your hands are scarred and stain with blood. 

Those nights where your thighs become a new target because the wrist is too obvious.

Those nights where you cry so much that you can't even breathe. 

Those nights where you can only be the one consoling yourself.

Those nights where you forgot what are smiles and happiness. 

Those nights where you lost yourself in this world.

Teens to young adults aging from 16-21 has the highest suiciding rate in the world. Honestly though, I can see where that came from, since I am a 17 year old myself and I am at the point where I am lost inside the world I created. 

There will definitely be tough times, every single time when I'm going through it, I always think that I wouldn't make it. I'd rather die than doing this and that.

The amount of emotions I let through my mind is truly insane but I guess it's a personal war everyone needs to face by themselves. Most of the people make it through, but some don't.

Now, being depressed and being sad is a totally different thing. Stop saying you are depressed because most likely, you're not. Depression is an illness. It can kill, slowly kill you from within and end you. I don't get how people can make a joke out of it, it is getting really serious. Publicly shaming people who are really sad is not funny. Think about it, what if, he/she suicided the next day? You'll feel like a murderer for the rest of your life. 

I'm tired of having an image where I need to constantly maintain to show I'm tough, happy, independent, worthy. The truth is, I get sad, I cry, I yell at people when I'm angry. Another human being. 

Being suicidal is like a trigger button that has no abort. You can't just abort the 'mission' just like this. 

Remember fellow human beings, get over things and done with. You are a beautiful flower, who knows you might stink like rafflesia, someone is still going to appreciate you someday, so wait. 

Hang on a little longer. 

I stand by you. 

You're not alone.

You're totally worth it.

You're amazing.

You're beautiful in your own ways.

Till then good luck. 

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