Sunday, 1 May 2016


Honestly, “Polytechnic is very fun” is a propaganda.

All those that you heard about, not needing to go school, and everything is just butterflies and colours and fun. It’s not true.

Every institution has their own policy and their rules. With my school, failing exams will lead to expulsion and the lack of attendance leads to a NGP (Non-graded pass) for examinations results, which means, you do not get a grade for that module. Which is practically the reason why polytechnics still has so many people in campus. Just, why didn’t I realize.

My personal experience of poly is that, there is not much of a difference between secondary school other than my campus is so freaking far, and every lesson you have to travel to different class in different blocks in different levels in two minutes. (why is the school so huge though).

For those people that don’t know yet, I am in TP and currently in the School of IT. Not business or anything like that, but I am happy there.

So far, the only camp that I went to is the orientation camp, I would say it is pretty fair play since everyone is older, you get to do more crazy things and speak in a way where everyone is comfortable with and not like those strict rules you have back in secondary school.

I just know that it is a pain in the ass to wake up every morning to go to a morning class especially since my school is so far away.

I have no problem easing myself into the culture of poly life, and even though I have so much to complain, there are things that I genuinely enjoy a lot more. For example, you have big assignments that you handle yourself with a deadline, researching, computing and presenting are things I enjoy doing. Rather than boring homeworks, you get to choose if you want to do tutorials provided, I mean you get extra points for GPA for doing them, and you learn something before the class test, so why not?

Lecturers do not care if you are a trash, since what they do only is to teach. Pass or fail, is all in your own favor. I have always preferred to do things in my own pace so, there aint no anything about the studying system that makes me unhappy.

I have been pretty anti-social, I rarely hang out with people that are not my classmates. All I do after school is either, go home, eat lunch before going home, or find boyfriend.

 Nothing special has yet to happen, not like I tried to make it happen, well.

FUN FACT: I have been reading the bible recently, I am NOT a Christian, just curious.

Until next time.